Sombat Khong Phudee – Part One: Well-mannered people must be in order

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part One: Well-mannered people must be in order

Top: Ahhh! Snake! Snake!

Middle: Hahaha! She runs away. Very funny. Huh?

Bottom: Arghh! Snake! / Hey… boy


Top left: You crazy old man, you, you, you... You come out without any warning. I'm frightened

Top left: Rude / Or you think you are an old man and you can tease me!?

Middle left: No, I didn’t intend to tease you. I was about to ask about a… / A...

Middle right: Hey, Piak, come play football. / Bouncing sound

Bottom: Quick. / Ouch! They don’t even say sorry. / Hehe! I’d better show off.

Top: Zoom / Hey! / You, get it, Beckham free kick.

Middle left: Can’t these kids play nicely? Don't they see an adult standing here.

Middle right: Hey, Uncle, are you asking for troubles? I heard that. / Oh, fierce boy

Bottom left: Uncle, who are you looking for? I have never seen you before. / Err.

Bottom right: I am Buncherm and here is my sister Nong Bai Tong. / Hi.

Top left: I heard you are looking for someone. You can ask me. / Hmm, he is polite.

Top right: Err, I’m looking for a...

Middle left: Aaa…Arghhh

Middle right: Help!! Help, Piak has got bitten by a snake.

Bottom right: Bank kicked the ball and it fell into a bush. Piak got in to pick it up and he was bitten. The snake ran away.

Top: Come quick! You crazy! Ouch!

Help me quick! / Should we help this impolite boy?

Middle left: Oh, I feel dizzy.

Middle right: Piak! Are you dead!?

Bottom left: One hour later

Bottom right: Dad!

Top: Oh, I’m still alive.

Middle left: Ha ha, I am happy. It must be because of merits I have created which help me.

Middle right: Here! / Bang / Why are you hitting me?

Bottom left: You! Keep laughing. You would have been dead if a kind stranger was not a snake specialist. / Doctor? / He gave (anti-venom) serum to you.

Bottom right: Thank you very much for saving my life, doctor. Err, have you found the a...? [on page two above the man initially is asking the boy about something but is interrupted.] / Yes, I did. Here, a health center. / Oh, I kept wondering what it was. [In Thai a health center is an "anamai." So, on page two above, when the doctors started to ask the boy, all he could say was "a..." which was the first part of the word.]

Top left: You should thank you friends for carrying you here.

Top middle: We are happy seeing that you are alright.

Top right: Thanks a lot, Buncherm and Bai Tong. / Instead for saying thank you, you must promise us you will not say rude words or insult the others again.

Middle: I promise that I will try to be a polite boy and will not say rude or offensive words. But this must take some times. / I know that this kind of changes takes time. / Hey, Piak, you are getting better?

Bottom left: Bank, I’m damn fine now. / Oops!

Bottom right: I’m sorry. I think, to get this done, we must ask Bank for his help. Hi hi, ha ha. / Ha ha, that’s right. / Confused

End of part one


Part Two: Well-mannered people must not behave naughty

Be good everybody!

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