Preah Vihear Temple

"Foreign Heritage" - by Arun, Krungtepturakit, July 9, 2008

Preah Vihear Temple

Thailand defensive as Cambodia acts tough - Malaysia Star, July 30, 2008
In 1962, the World Court (ICJ) ruled that the temple stood on Cambodian soil, and Cambodia unilaterally filed for World Heritage List status...

Thai noodles: the first victim of the Preah Vihear spat - KI, July 24, 2008
The calls for the boycott of Thai products are increasing. The Men Sarun Co. Thai company which sells the Mama brand package noodle from Thailand, is stopping its production in Cambodia...

The Thai's unique view of the Khmer people and history -, July, 2008

Thai tourists cancel Cambodia trips over security fears - AFP, July 11, 2008
About a thousand Thais have cancelled visits to Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat ruins since an ownership dispute erupted between the two neighbours over another temple, a tourism chief said Saturday...

Thai PM resents court injunction on Hindu heritage temple - Thaindian, July 2008
...The temple built in 1037 by King Suriyavaraman of what is now known as Cambodia along Thai-Cambodia border is one of the most brilliant examples of Hindu architecture and precedes by 100 years another Hindu landmark structure, the Angkor Wat...

Bloody Prasat Preah Vihear - Thai fights against Thais - Hun Sen urges Samak to withdraw military forces - Komchadleuk, July 19, 2008
["Thai fights against Thai" refers to PAD and nationalist groups that attempted to break through security lines to reoccupy parts of the site currently held by Cambodia.]

Caption reads: Stressful - Thai scouts (left) and Cambodian soldiers (right) have been fully armed to control the situation around the problematic Prasat Preah Vihear Temple. Owing to the situation, Mr. Samak has to call for an urgent meeting with army commanders. - Daily News, July 19, 2008

Samak makes a reply to Hun Sen - He affirms Cambodia violates Thailand’s sovereignty. He says the country has protested against the issue for four times. The Supreme Commander has been sent to negotiate with Tea Banh. Thai and Cambodian soldiers almost fire guns at each others - Daily News, July 19, 2008

"Thai-Cambodian armies face each other! - ‘Anupong’ commands ready to fight if invasion occurs" - Komchadleuk, July 18, 2008

"Suranari troops seal off ‘disputed areas’ – ‘Trade Border Board’ called for urgent talks" - Matichon, July 18, 2008

No record of Cabinet resolution over Preah Vihear Temple - The Nation, July 11, 2008
Democrat Party secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban said on Friday that the Cabinet resolution over the signing of the joint communique was not in the record kept by the Government House.
He said the Cabinet resolution was an incriminating evidence that the Democrats needed to launch an impeachment proceeding against Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.
He said the government officials had informed him that the report of the Cabinet resolution regarding the matter was not kept. "It is strange that they did not keep this important Cabinet resolution,'' he said.

The Joint Communique - July 11, 2008

Cabinet notes - July 11, 2008
Interestingly enough, neither Cambodia nor Preah Vihear is mentioned in the summary from the weekly cabinet distributed by the government PR department.

From June 17
Foreign Affairs
30. Result of the APEC Structural Reform Deputies’ Meeting
31. Result of the 16th meeting of the commission to maintain law and order along Thai-Lao borders

From June 24
Foreign Affairs
15. Formation of joint commission of high-ranking Thai officials regarding the bilateral cooperation between Thailand and Bahrain
16. Trade negotiation between Thailand and USA
17. Energy cooperation between Thailand and Myanmar

From July 1
Foreign affairs
18. Approval to a plan to help Lao People’s Democratic Republic to be a host of the 25th SEA GAMES
19. 24th General conference of the Universal Postal Union
20. Plan regarding cultural cooperation between the Ministry of Culture in Thailand and in China during 2008-2010
21. Donation of interest income from subsidy under the project aimed at encouraging people to voluntarily make contributions to the Academic Cooperation Fund
22. Amendment to the memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of ASEAN center to promote trade, investment and tourism

Case concerning the temple of Preah Vihear (merits) - International Court of Justice, Judgment of 15 June 1962

Joker / Buffalo - Kajor Ngorngae by Mor, Krungtepturakit, July 11, 2008
At the top: The image of Siam Foreign Ministry at the world stage meeting
Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama is portrayed on the left as a "joker" and on the right as a buffalo (considered an insult in the Thai-language world).
Left: Before the meeting
On file he is holding: Khao Preah Vihear
Right: After the meeting!!

Communique from Norodom Sihanouk - Phnom Penh Post, July 8, 2008
I. Certain journalists are writing that the main entrance to the Preah Vihear temple faces Thailand and not Cambodia. 
II. The Thais have said, say and have written and write that one of the “proofs” of Thai ownership of Preah Vihear is constituted by the fact that access to the temple is infinitely more easy from the Thai side rather than from the Cambodian side.
III. These journalists and these Thais seem to ignore the following historic facts, ones which amply prove that the mountain and the temple of Preah Vihear are 100% Cambodian and belong 100% to Cambodia...

Thai PM resents court injunction on Hindu heritage temple - Thaindian, July 2008
...The temple built in 1037 by King Suriyavaraman of what is now known as Cambodia along Thai-Cambodia border is one of the most brilliant examples of Hindu architecture and precedes by 100 years another Hindu landmark structure, the Angkor Wat...

Thai official: Controversial temple likely to be approved as World Heritage site - People's Daily, July 5, 2008
Attempts by Cambodia to list the controversial Preah Vihear temple, which stands across the area of both Cambodia and Thailand, as a World Heritage site during the current United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) annual session held in Canada's Quebec City, are expected to bear fruit, according to Thailand's World Heritage Committee...

Cambodia sends riot police to guard Thai embassy: officials - AFP, July 3, 2008
Earlier: Burning of the Thai Embassy in Cambodia in 2003

Preah Vihear Temple and the Thai's misunderstanding of the World Court judgment of 15 June 1962 - June 29, 2008
There are worrying signs of tension between Cambodia and Thailand over Preah Vihear temple. This could escalate into war. It is a hot issue in Thai politics and the dispute has arisen from misunderstanding of the International Court of Justice Judgment of June 1962 on the part of Thai successive governments, politicians, Thai academics with except of a few such as Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri. The tensions have been exacerbated by incorrect and fraudulent statements made by Thai partisans...

Investigation of the Prasart Preah Vihear issue - reflects on the upcoming Cambodian election - translated and summarized from Komchadluek; Column: Scoop, June 27, 2008
The Royal Thai Embassy (RTE) in Phnom Penh has prepared an emergency evacuation plan for Thai citizens living and working in Cambodia. The RTE fears that Cambodian politicians might exploit the conflict over Prasart Preah Vihear during their campaigns for the upcoming general election in that country - and that this might stir up volatile local sentiments. Businessmen in the Thai-Cambodian orbit are encouraging people not to let their passions become enflamed by the issue - but to let both governments negotiate with each other in a calm manner. Meanwhile, Thailand’s political opposition is using the Preah Vihear Temple issue as a means to attack the current Samak government.
Cambodia is holding its general election on July 17. The Department of Consular Affairs (DCA) of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already set up a plan to evacuate Thais from Cambodia if public sentiments there get particularly heated. The DCA fears a repeat of the anti-Thai riots that occurred in Phnom Penh 5 years ago.
Although the situation in Phnom Penh seems to be relatively calm at present, Thais living and working in Cambodia are very much in fear that anti-Thai sentiments could again spill over. In 2003, the Prasart Preah Vihear issue was one of the main factors that led to a riot in which over 1,000 Cambodians came out onto the street to torch the property and businesses of Thai expatriates.

Thai PM's foes throw nationalist temple tantrum - The Star, June 25, 2008


The secret map - June 19, 2008

Thailand, Cambodia sign joint document on Preah Vihear temple - TNA, June 18, 2008
And a thread on the forum about it.

Cambodia not claiming any Thai land: Noppadon - The Nation, June 18, 2008
Thailand has not lost a single square centimetre, as the new map drawn up by Cambodia to propose the Hindu temple of Preah Vihear as a World Heritage site claims nothing beyond its right, Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama said yesterday...

Thread on the Preah Vihear maps

Thaksin set to invest big time in Cambodia - Bangkok Post with editorial comments by KI, June, 2008

Thailand heads for another political showdown - DPA with editorial comments by KI, June 19, 2008
...'It looks like Thailand decided to help Mr Hun Sen in the elections,' said Kraisak Choonhavan, a member of the Democrat opposition party.
'The government's way of handling this has created the suspicion that personal gains are more important than national gains,' added Kraisak...

Below: Komchadleuk photo from a government press conference on the new map

(Source: Komchadleuk)

Thailand cedes ancient temple - The Australian, June 23, 2008
Thailand is moving to accept a new map that will uphold Cambodia's World Heritage claim on the ancient 10th century Khmer temple that straddles the countries' common border - a long-contested site and former Khmer Rouge sanctuary that almost brought the two claimant nations to war in the 1960s...

From Not the Nation: Abhisit: “Parking Lot Next to Preah Viharn Is Part of Our National Heritage”
...Abhisit said the parking lot “is an essential part of our national heritage, without which Thailand would never be the same again. We have always reaped huge financial windfalls from our incompetent neighbors and the parking lot outside the black magic Khmer temple of Preah Viharn is part of that centuries-old cultural tradition.”
He suggested placing red, white and blue striped cones in all 750 spaces until the dispute was settled.

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