Pibul-era graphics

Wisarut comments: After taking a look at those photo of Pibul Era, I could make additional comments on this issue as follows: This sheet music cover (above) reads: Song - Rabbit Brand - 19th edition - Yurathai Song - Retail and wholesale distribution at Tor. Jeckhuan department store at Banglampoo Pratumai, Phra Nakorn. This refers to the phonograph records sold at Tor. Ngek Chuan - More Info abot the phonographic records from Tor. Ngek Chuan

Book of speeches - It reads: Thai at present - Memorial to the National Day 2483 (1940) [This is the cover of a book of speeches by "Marshal Por" or Field Marshal Pibul Songkhram.]

Wisarut comments: Magazine - It reads: Nikorn Sunday - We believe listeners - Nation is far from troubles - Issue 13 - Date November 14, 1943
At bottom: Maksing…Kitima…Usana Mor. Pleunghum - Havakalormak and Sunshine in cloud rain  
This refer to the novelists written for Nikorn Sunday written by Pramoon Unhadhoop (17 June 1920 - 11 January 1987) who generally used the pen name "Usana Ploengtham."  The most famous novel of Usana Ploengtham is "The Erotic Story of Chan Dara" -> the masterpiece of Thai erotic Novel published first in Siamrath Samdahwicharn between 1964-1966. More on the biography of "Usana Ploengtham"

Cover of speech collection book of PM Pibul - It reads: Speech given by the Prime Minister dated June 24, 2482 [1939] - [at the corners] June 24

Image circa 1939-1940 It reads: [circles from left to right] New treaties with other countries - Finance - Streets - Education - Economics - Defence [Bottom left] Result of the political change

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