PAD’s “final war”- August 26

PAD's "final war" - August-September, 2008
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Media deplores PAD's seizure of NBT - Bangkok Post, August 26, 2008
...They pointed out that the anti-government group should not intrude into NBT station and cut off its broadcasting signal because it is not only a state agency but a media organisation as well. The protesters have to respect the rights of media members, according to the statement.
Members of the media also demanded the PAD followers to stop enclosing the broadcasting vehicles of different television channels in many protesting areas. They said the demonstraters must respect the rights and freedom of media members, as endorsed by the constitution...

Sondhi explains his 'final war' - Bangkok Post, August 26, 2008
...Watch out. The rally [today] won't be an ordinary rally. We'll do everything to halt all the state's administrative mechanisms.
We'll block the roads from southern, northern and northeastern regions, but we'll let our supporters arrive in the city first. We'll block the roads after midday. At noon, we'll close Phuket airport and Hat Yai airport. We will post this plan online [on the Manager website] at 10am.
We'll seize all the ministries on Ratchadamnoen avenue. We'll ask civil servants to leave their offices.
The government won't be able to function any longer. It's a power vacuum. Samak knows that he will soon have to step down.
This final war has been seen as trying to make way for another military coup.
If there is a coup [today] on the ground that they need to intervene to end turmoil in the country and reorganise things, I will immediately protest against them. All five PAD core leaders agree that such reasoning is unacceptable...

From Not the Nation: World Media Insists All of Thailand On Fire, All Thais Dead
This humorous article from Not the Nation accurately points how wrong the international media have been in explaining what is going on here. Since reports of the last cabinet reshuffle, the emergence of schisms in the PPP, and details of the upcoming military reshuffle have mainly appeared in the Thai language, the international press still relies on the legacy explanation of what is going on--that royalists are standing up against Thaksin proxies.
Beyond this misunderstanding, there is an almost bizarre misreporting of events on the ground at government house:
On Tuesday night, CNN mistook the arrival of PAD forces who retreated from their occupation of government TV as the arrival of "thousands more" brand new protesters. They also repeatedly noted that the Thai government was "paralyzed."
Late Wednesday night, CNN, who has a reporter on the scene, was still saying that the PAD "was making a mockery of the government" and throughout the evening they ran the news item on the CNN crawl that "Police begin removing Thai protesters."

PAD also seizes NBT stations in provinces - The Nation, August 26, 2008

Police to file treason charges against five PAD leaders - The Nation, August 26, 2008

PAD trying to gain control of NBT station - The Nation, August 26, 2008
At 8.30 am, the People's Alliance for Democracy renewed the raid of NBT station and disrupted the broadcasting.
Protesters were seen breaking down the police barriers and rushed to the office building and the broadcasting station. They shut down electricity to disrupt the broadcast.
In the pre-dawn raid earlier, police arrested 80 armed men involving in the raid.

Screen captures below from TPBS

Right: Map of Bangkok showing areas likely impacted by the PAD actions on Tuesday.
Left: Viphavadi-Rangsit Road outside of NBT television building on Tuesday morning.
Right and below: PAD men in custody after the unsuccessful pre-dawn raid on NBT studios on Viphavadi-Rangsit Road.
Left and below: Weapons the police confiscated from the arrested men.
Right and below: Series of shots of PAD men finally breaking into the NBT building filmed from the inside.

The video was shown on Thai channels throughout the day and the PAD generally received withering criticism from the media and viewers.

Also, mid-morning on Tuesday, Kitti Singhapad, a popular news anchor from channel 3 was attacked by the crowd and had to be extracted by police.

(Photo: Asiper for

Above and below: PAD protesters leave the NBT building and travel across town to join the protest at Government House late Tuesday afternoon. The arrival of these protesters at Government House had CNN reporting throughout the evening that "thousands more" were joining the protest. They also repeatedly noted that the Thai government was "paralyzed." Neither of these assertions were correct.

(Photo: Asiper for

(Photo: Asiper for

Big PAD rally next week - 21:11, August 22, 2008
21:11 - On 98.25 (Labor radio) and 97.75 (ASTV radio) Sondhi is speaking and saying that the PAD will gather in a big rally for the last time on next Monday. They must "chase this government" so a big "mob" will peak on Tuesday when groups from the provinces will join the PAD in Bangkok. The speech concluded without saying where the group will march, but Sondhi said the destination will be announced on Tuesday and for people to believe in the five leaders of the PAD.

PAD's "final war" - August-September, 2008
Earlier: High tension in Thailand

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