Ready to fight

Sapae-ing and Masae are real leaders. It’s believed that the matter is not related to any fake insurgent issue - Khao Sod, July 19, 2008

Ready to fight - Security guards of the People Alliance for Democracy line up in front of the entrance to the gathering on the Makawan Rasan Road after members of the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship submitted a letter, pressuring the PAD to open the road by August 12. It led to a small fight took place in the evening of July 18. - Khao Sod, July 19, 2008

Changnoi - Pad: bulldog on a leash or another nail in democracy's coffin - The Nation, July 21, 2008
...PAD promotes a visceral nationalism reminiscent of the early Phibun era. The nation is a body that is being physically ripped by its enemies (internal and external), causing pain to the citizens, who must rise up in the nation's defence.
The PAD's agitational practice suggests a high degree of organisation, strong financing, access to technology, and skill with sophisticated techniques. The equipment for staging and broadcasting the PAD's message requires high capital cost and running expenses. The crowds are well organised and provisioned. The programming shows strategic planning to sustain support and interest with relatively little novelty. The PAD seems skilled in the techniques and rituals of litigation. In short, this is not a few people gathered at a street corner with a soap box.
...In short, PAD is an anti-democratic movement, supported by high investment and shadowy protection, that exploits the fears of the privileged and a deliberately anti-rational nationalism, and flirts with militarism and violence...

Rural Thais lash out at protesters - TVNZ, July, 2008
..."I voted for PPP because I like Thaksin," said street vendor Adisorn, adding that Thaksin had "wiped out drugs from Thailand"...

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