Yam Fao Paendin – The Anti-Thaksin show

At the end of Yam Fao Paendin today, host Sonthi Limthongkul said that there are two groups of people--some like the program and some dislike it. This extends to some ministers in the government and this made the PM feel frustrated so Sonthi will stop the program and today (Tuesday) is the last day. People can still watch this program on the ASTV satellite network. [It is likely this is tied to the pressure the government is feeling over its intended banning of TRT-friendly PTV that starts broadcasting on March 1.]

Overview of Sondhi Limthongkul's new anti-Thaksin show on Channel 11 - February 19, 2007

Every weekday from 8:30pm-9:30pm the Public Relations Department of Thailand's Channel 11 has permitted Manager publisher Sondhi Limthongkul to air a new anti-Thaksin show.

Right: The show logo - Yam Fao Paendin, watch the event, every day

The frame grabs and comments on the content are from the Friday, February 16, 2007 show.

The new show, Yam Fao Paendin [The Guard of the Nation], is a copy of the Thailand Weekly show Sondhi had on Channel 9 until the then TRT government took it off the air over its anti-government slant.

On both Thailand Weekly and Yam Fao Paendin a friendly and enthusiastic female host sets up Sondhi to expound on various editorial subjects. He goes on and on about corruption, sincerity, the evils of certain former TRT members, etc., often in an animated fashion.
Right: Pointing out the enemies
Top left: Jaturon Chaisaeng, acting TRT leader
Top right: Jakapob Penkhae, the speaker of TRT
Bottom left: Sutep Saikrajang [We think this is supposed to be Kuthep Saikrajang, TRT legal counsel and TRT party spokesperson]
Bottom rIght: Vichit Plangsrisakul, TRT legal counsel

Left: A small and isolated Thaksin

Mirroring the news of the day, on Friday's show Sondhi commented that he wants to get the Thaicom satellite back from Singapore.

Right: Co-host Chindarat Charoenchaichana in front of an image of Thaksin listening to Sondhi.

Below: Thaksin's former heir in TRT, Somkid, now part of the present government.

Sondhi said that some people thought that he asked the PM to invite Somkid to help the government, but Sondhi said he has never even met the PM.

Sondhi also said that having Somkid help the government may be right for strategy, but wrong for tactics. He said Somkid should declare why he comes to help the PM and why he leaves Thaksinomics and accepts a sufficiency economy. If Somkid does not make this clear, Sondhi will chase him until he is dismissed. Sondhi planned to discuss with PRD to declare this challenge by next Wednesday.

Sondhi also declares that he has no deal with Channel 11 and he has 100% freedom and will also investigate the government.

Right: Stoic General Sonthi

Thai TV is most often sanitized to remove political content or anything that might rouse people to action, but from time to time it can become highly politicized.
An earlier example: Last year, the previous government permitted a show hosted by Samak Sundaravej to support the government and discredit, some say intimidate, its critics: The Samak-Dusit Show (2005-2006)

Remembering Thaksin on Yam Fao Paendin - February 21, 2007 Tuesday night on Yam Fao Paendin [The Guard of the Nation], footage was shown from when Thaksin was at Central World and black-shirted thugs beat protestors who jeered him.
The footage was shown at least three times as Sondhi Limthongkul explained how the police saw what was happening and did nothing.
Other subjects covered on Tuesday's show included Thaksin's wife and children.
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