18:40, July 27: is now online

Initial observations:

- There is no broad overriding theme as yet. So far the site consists of many pdfs and other explanations of the charges against the Thaksin family and some of their legal retorts along with comments on the party dissolutions. There is also a handful of translations from the Thai-language press that are complementary to Thaksin.

- Surprisingly amateurish. This is not a slick, Western-created lobbying site. As of now it is a collection of awkwardly translated articles looking at the issues from a Thai perspective ("Let us give you the facts, the comments, the opinions of many well respected group of people about the Rule of Law, justice, the new constitution, etc."). The junta has nothing to fear yet from this site as a communication tool to the English-speaking world.

- The site is only in English now. There is a link to Thai, but no Thai yet.

- The site does not work in Firefox (the menu bar at the top is not visible). Also no metatags.

- At 2Bangkok we were looking to see if this site would publicize the present UDD controversies like is doing--it does not.

Also: Govt to launch - The Nation, July 27, 2007
However, is registered already...


Thaksin offensive: Phase 3 - July 27, 2007
After several initiatives that included, site of official Thaksin statements, and USA for Innovation, the fake lobbying site set up to pressure the junta, Thaksin is returning with a new autobiography in Chinese and a new website, (above).
Also note that is featuring a new set of bloody photos every day from the Sunday siege of Prem's house.

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Also: Thaksin's life in comic book form

Sidelines: Truethaksin website shows his true colours - The Nation, July 29, 2007
[It is again the era of tough editorials from The Nation...]
...What Veera and his jailbird friends should understand is that the fight for money and the fight for public good are entirely different. They have not been cast in a good light but more as a nuisance every evening, amid physical discomfort and public dislike, just for money from the paymaster in political exile in London... - first update since July 27 - August 8, 2007
The first update to the site since it was inaugurated on July 27 brings more anguished English:

"Junta Intervention of Justice - Everyone denies this..."

"News from world class newspaper how the military government increased the junta paycheck by 9 million US$. Minister of Foreign Affair admits to world medias, coup was a mistake!!!!! : U.S. diplomat says Thailand has seen steady progress toward democracy…"

Statement from Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra -, August 17, 1007
Over the next few days the military junta in Thailand will increase its attacks on my reputation. This is because they fear my influence on the outcome of the referendum on a new military constitution on Sunday 19 th August 2007...
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