Children’s Book About The King

Some elected illustrations from children's book about The King - April 19, 2007
Here are few pages from a children's book that contains an interesting retelling of events in relation to the King's life...

Above: ...But the god of darkness, or the Death, came back and took his brother with him. He took over the throne [from his brother] with agony...

Above: ...Villagers told the king about a devil of darkness, named the Greed, coming to the village to persuade them to leave where they live.
"Most of us have left our houses for the City of Luxury..."

Above: ...The Greed did not give up.
Later, a devil of darkness named Ignorance tried to bring conflicts to the villagers. The villagers now had a big quarrel... [This is probably a reference to the events of Black May 1992.]

Above: ...The king then told the villagers to use their brains.
Victory which brings loss is failure.
The villagers who had had a fight with each other regretted what they had done...

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