Sapa Samanachan

Sapa Samanachan - November 23, 2007

Every Wednesday night at 23:00, TITV (formerly iTV) broadcasts Sapa Samanachan or "Conciliation Parliament." This is a political satire show where actors who resemble political figures sit in a mock parliament chamber and trade comic barbs.

Initially the program was titled Sapa Joke or "Joke Parliament," but for some unknown reason this name was changed.

Right: Comic actors portray various political figures in Sapa Samanachan

Left: The parliament chamber festooned with advertisements in the style of Thai variety shows.

Right: To the tune of traditional county music, the Democrats lead out a typical Esarn family including little girls in dirty t-shirts and older men with black eyes from fighting.

Right: The fake Democrat leader Aphisit reads a list of comic promises while gesturing to the typical Esarn family. When he slowly caresses the chins of the little girls, the house speaker cuts in to note, "If you try to go back to your house with them, that's not right."
Left: The lookalike actors also promote products in amusing advertisements. Here the Chavolit Yongjiyut lookalike touts AJ home theater and stereo products.
Right: Samak wants to explain his promises to Esarn with a chart. The chart is covered with a country-style cloth and carried in with great reverence by a policeman. The fake Newin and fake Sudarat wai the chart repeatedly.

Left: The Samak lookalike chuckles.

Unlike many Thai comedy and variety shows, Sapa Samanachan seems to have plenty of genuine and spontaneous laughter from the live audience.

Right: The last time TITV/iTV aired such political satire was the Robot Government show from 2002.

Teaser billboard - November 30, 2007
This billboard (below), featuring a Sapa Samanachan actor, is used to promote a new energy drink.


Original Sapa Samanachan billboard: 22 November 2007 - It's time for Thai people to wake up. Must open your eyes. [The actor is impersonating former PM Chavolit Yongjiyut and the message insinuates an election-type message.]


Updated Sapa Samanachan billboard: 22 November 2007 - It's time for Thai people to wake up. Must open your eyes. [Added to the billboard is a can of energy drink and the brand name "D-Seven!"]

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