The rude book

The rude book - November 20, 2007

The rude meaning of the book's title in the article below is instantly understandable to some Thais as being in the tradition of creating a play on words and word reordering to create a "dirty" connotation. There are Thai-language books with lists of such ribald and humorous words and phrases.

So Radtammanuay Chabab Hua Khoon is transformed to something meaning "constitution of the penis." There may be a better analogy, but perhaps this is somewhat like some of the elements of rhyming Cockney slang and spoonerisms.

Editorial: Removing uncivilized behavior - translated and summarized from Matichon, November 17, 2007

The People’s Power Party held a seminar for its MP candidates on November 14 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani. At the event, the candidates each got a book called Radtammanuay Chabab Hua Khoon. The book has been widely criticized as the title is a very rude spoonerism. The book, aimed at attacking the Constitution B.E.2550, is inappropriate. The book will have some negative effects on the party as the author, using the name Vathatawan Subarnbhesaj, does not fairly criticize the Constitution.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E.2550 has been approved by the public through a public hearing on August 18, 2007 and signed by His Majesty the King on August 24. Criticizing the Constitution in a rude way can be interpreted as a way to disrespect the monarchy institution. The columnist suggests the party launch a statement to apologize to the institution and the public.

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