“Why people of Siam are never too rich”

(Photo: "International Newsreel Photo: Why people of Siam are never too rich")

From 1928: "Why people of Siam are never too rich"

Does anyone know about this ceremony?

The caption for these photos reads: Bangkok, Siam... It has always been a moot question in all minds as to why people of Siam are never over-burdened with riches. Now the answer comes in the form of a series of pictures which demonstrates in graphic way how surplus riches of the people are disposed of. When a man of Siam thinks he's too wealthy to go to heaven he promptly goes out and purchases as much food, clothing, fruit, etc. as will relieve him of his surplus money. He then mounts a high platform built for the express purpose and throws his gifts down to members of the poorer class below. Since all have a right to the food and clothing offered a merry battle goes on for possession of the offerings. Hooks are even made which might tend to give the seeker a better chance to make a good haul. However, before the foodstuffs and clothing are given away, prayers and praises to the king of the devil or "Phya Yomaraj" are sung. The prayers insure the donors of recognition when they dies and are led before the king of the devil for entrance to heaven. After the prayers are said and the food distributed, the huge image is burnt, and residents of Siam must wait until they pile up more coin of the realm before they can stage another similar celebration. October 23, 1928

(Photo: "International Newsreel Photo: Why people of Siam are never too rich")

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  1. Wiz says:

    Aha, this must be a ceremony of Thing Krajard – the way to give a donation to the poor in Sanam Luang around 1928 with pomp – and the burn down the effigies after the end of ceremony

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