Old photos

Old portraits - February 5, 2007
Anyone know who this is?

Siamese man - March 17, 2007

"Ta Ruang Irrigation Rock, Siam" - March 12, 2007
Undated photo. Anyone know the location?

Royal Esplanade, 1908 - March 12, 2007
More photos from this area: Phan Phiphop Lila Bridge over the years

Wat Rajanada long ago - February 3, 2007
View from the Golden Mount west along the present route of Rajadamneon Road.
Anyone have any idea how old this photo could be? A thread on this photo is here.

Old photo - February 2, 2007
Where is this?

Old Siamese photo - January 27, 2007
What is this activity? A thread on this photo is here.

Another old photo
What is this activity? An explanation is here.

Venice of the east - February 8, 2007
Another view (probably from the 19th century) from Klong Mahanak looking west.

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