Hat Yai bombings

Above: Screen capture from TITV at 10:01pm

Hat Yai bombings - May 27, 2007
A thread about this event is here.

11:00 pm - The Nation raises the number of bombing locations to seven.

10:35 pm
- All the Thai-language programs have returned to regular programming.

10:30 pm - Report from a reader: I was in Carrefour at 6. There were fire tenders at the boiler room. The complete lack of any sign that anything was amiss lead me to suspect nothing more than equipment problems. That would seem to indicate they either found something there or thought something might be there...

10:26 pm - The Nation updates the number of bombing locations to six and changes the tally of victims from "seven killed" to "nine injured."

10:22 pm - Gen. Sonthi of the CNS speaks to TITV reporters by phone reassuring them the situation is under control.

10:18 pm - The Nation reduces the number of bombings from four to three in its latest report.

10:08 pm - TITV increases the number of bomb sites to six including the JB Hotel (screen cap above left).

9:47 pm - Hat Yai rocked with explosions, at least seven killed - The Nation, May 27, 2007
Four coordinate bomb attacks were launched in this tourist southern town Sunday night, killing at least seven people.
The first explosion happened in front of the Thongsia Siang Tueng Foundation at about 9 pm, police said. Seven people were killed at the spot.
Then two other explosions occurred at Big C Department Store and a pub on Burapha Withi Road.
Shortly afterwards, another explosion occurred at Lotus Superstore and Lee Garden Hotel.

Above: Screen capture from TITV at 10:01pm - Note the sponsorship ads in the bottom left corner.

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