The Art of Corruption

Ing K's Gestation (Sri Thanonchai) 2

"The Art of Corruption" - December 14, 2007
"The Art of Corruption" is an art exhibit at the TPI Building on Narwathiwat Road. It runs until January 20, 2008.

Phansa Buddharaksa's The honest servant, part of a series showing clamoring frogs, insects, and birds.


Above and right: Sakarin Krue-on's Balance of Terror is an audio-visual presentation in a pitch-black room. A hideous dog face morphs continuously to eerie roars and growls.

Above: A page on a check-signing book reads: Transparency - Governance - Transparency

Sutee Kunavichayanont's installation Great Cheat Great Cheat: Children of "Srithanonchai" is a room filled with many typical Thai-style writing canvasses covered with words conveying corruption (above and below).

Above: Manit Sriwanichpoom's Collateral Damage is another installation in a darkened corridor. Visitors shine flashlights on the photos as audio of the subjects plays describing the suffering of children near the Industrial Estate Authority in Rayong. favorite Wit Pimkanchanapong is also featured with a large installation of his "If There Was No Corruption" map.

Right: A reverse-image graphic. It reads: The art of corruption is to make other people believe that they do not cheat and are transparent.

Left: "Designed by Wichian Tow - Anti-corruption art" - A topographic map in the shape of Thaksin's face with elevation points showing members of his family and staff. The elevation numbers are the amount of his assets that was kept in their names (such as Housekeeper 1, Chauffeur, etc.). On the bottom right is the Cayman Islands connected to Thaksin's head at a point called "Wife's brother."

Ironically, this exhibit is being held in the TPI building, home of the business empire of Prachai Leophairatana. Prachai is also the party head and financier of the of Machima Thippathai Party. The party is on the verge of collapse after the Criminal Court found Prachai guilty of manipulating the share price of TPI.

Left: Machima Thippathai Party stickers are prominently displayed on the doors of the TPI building. It reads: Becoming rich, having a happy life, receiving fair treatment - Please vote for Machima Thippathai Party - No. 15 Party List

CNN/Fortune also has a scathing article about Prachai:
Thailand's No. 1 deadbeat eyes top job - CNN Money, December 12, 2007
Thailand's Prachai Leophairatana was the undisputed bad boy of the Asian financial crisis. When the baht dove in 1997, his debt soared, transforming the company he founded, Thai Petrochemical Industries, into Southeast Asia's biggest corporate deadbeat when it defaulted on $4.2 billion in loans to Thai and foreign banks...

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