The strange saga of TOTV – “Thaksin TV”

The strange saga of TOTV - "Thaksin TV" - June 8, 2007

Bernie reports: It is now about 0800 hrs California time and TOTV seems to be gone from the scene. The channel is now seemingly back to normal and is playing the Lao Champa programs since about 1800 hours yesterday. The broadcast is of two gentlemen taking phone calls from the audience.  My wife tells me they are Lao Mor Du. This is the old crew that had broadcast on this channel prior to this past weekend when TOTV suddenly appeared.

Thaksin TV? - June 6, 2007
Since the dissolution verdict, satellite channel Lao TV has been transformed into Thai Overseas TV (TOTV) with a repeated message from Thaksin complaining about the unfairness of the court verdict dissolving TRT interspersed with repeated playings of the Royal Anthem. There is virtually no info on the net about TOTV.

Right: The Telstar 5 satellite is also known as  Intelsat 5 and more recently as Galaxy 25.  TOTV seems to have some association with a company known as "IPTV" which is in California and broadcasts Thai/Lao programming via Galaxy 25 judging by the appearance of announcers who are common to both TOTV and IPTV.

Update: Bernie reports: I am attaching a screenshot just taken.  It is now just before 0600 California time [on June 6].  This shot indicates that TOTV is experiencing difficulties.  This shot has been up since approximately 1430 hours (Calif. time) yesterday. 
Interestingly, the website has also gone down.  I believe there is some association between the producers of and TOTV...
The last program I noticed on TOTV yesterday was a rerun of a Jor Jai (Sanya's program) which featured a softball interview of Khun Chaturon.

Update: We called IPtv customer service in Los Angeles. They say Lao TV is now broadcasting from 9pm to 5am on the same channel as their shopping channel. When asked about the Thaksin messages on TOTV they say this out "out of [their control]."

[Thanks to Bernie for the screenshots and up-to-the-minute input.]

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