“The Ultimate Thai Police”

Thai Email forwards: "The Ultimate Thai Police" - August 10, 2006
Thanks to HS for sending along this cartoon and translation (from Manager?) satirizing the strong-arm tactics of Thai Police.

It is interesting to note that while the police are sometimes harshly criticized and scrutinized like this--uniformed police even comprising comic characters in Thai daytime TV, the military usually refuses any comic or satiric representations.

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Translation of the cartoon:

The Ultimate Thai Police

:: There have been a test to find out which country has the greatest and ultimate police in the world. The contest took place at a rainforest somewhere in the world.... In the final round there were only 3 competitors left...

:: The policeman from Thailand

:: The FBI from USA

:: ...and KGB from Russia

Scientist: The rules for the last round is... I will let go of this rabbit into the forest... you will have to find it within 10 minutes to complete the task.

Scientist: One of the FBI representative.... will start NOW!

:: The FBi uses advance technology to find the rabbit through satellite and computers... since the forest was so dense and wide the satellite could not get hold of the rabbit in its sight.

:: For that case he did not retrieve the rabbit within 10 minutes

Scientist: Time's Up... The representative from FBi does not pass the test.

FBI: Oh!!

Scientist: Next up is a representative from KGB!

:: ...who chooses to torch down the whole forest... just to chase the rabbit out of there.

:Image: KGB holding torch with burning flames from the forest beside him.

:: Since the forest was dense and too wide for him to torch the place... time ran out

Scientist: Time's Up... The representative from KGB does not pass the test.

Scientist: Finally... a representative from the Thai police.... Start!...

Thai Police: "Fight!", he shouts out.

:: Not even 5 minutes the Thai policeman representative come out from the forest.

:: With a big grin on his face.

:: Around his arms is a goat in serous need of medical help due to being beaten up real bad... the goat cried dearly with sympathy...

Goat: ...ohhh... I confess that I am a rabbit... I am a rabbit... sniff sniff... just don't beat me up anymore.

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