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The following is put together from primary sources in the deep south.

November 7, 2006
Today, 10 schools in Amphur Krongpinang, Yala announced to stop teaching until this Friday, November 10.
Today at 7:00, the assailant shot a charcoal burning worker at Orange Orchard, Yala at 10:30. Soldiers were attacked at Lek Bridge, Ban Pawang, Amphur Bannangstar, Yala.
At 17:00 assailants shot a teacher of Ban Khaowang, Amphur Mayor, Pattani. At Ban Sarong, Amphur Yarang, Pattani, Mr. Prab Saengnara was shot and killed while he was driving his motorcycle back from school.

November 6, 2006
At 7:59 a.m. there was a mysterious call from a terrorist to the director of [withheld] School...

Separatist: Hello, are you the director of [withheld] School?

Official: Yes.

Separatist: Your soldiers shot the villagers today. You told the soldiers to escort you to [withheld], but our guys will get you and once you are home instead.

Then he hung up.

At 10:50am a mysterious called to the director of [withheld]. The director was not there so he called back again later.

Separatist: Are you [withheld]?

Official: Yes. Who are you?

Separatist: You don' t have to know

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