Troubles in the South – December 2006

Troubles in the South - December 2006
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Exclusive: Burning teachers - December 29, 2006

Mr. John reports: The officers investigate the dead bodies of Mr. Manoon Sornkaew, a teacher at Ban Bado, Mu 3, Thambon Yupo, Amphur Yala and Mr. Jamnong Choopattanapong, the director of the same school. They were shot by insurgents and after that the insurgents burned them including a car--brand Isuzu Dmax, bronze color, license no. บง - 7254, Yala. This event happened 100 meters from Bado School on December 29. has exclusive photos of this incident that are EXTREMELY graphic. After deliberation, we think it is important for people to see what is really happening (this is's mission in the first place). Also, unlike newspapers, the internet allows the option of presenting primary sources and an uncensored vision of events where people can draw their own conclusions. So, if you choose to view them, here are photos of the incident: 1, 2 and 3

(Photo: Mr. John for

Chasing away Thai Buddhist families - December 18, 2006
Mr. John reports: Last night (December 18),  an unknown number of insurgents fired at the house of Mr. Song Maneeprawat, a 70-year-old Thai Buddhist, who lives at 20 Mu 6, Tambon La-ae, Amphur Yaha, Yala. He was injured. They burned his house, two motorcycles and one car and his assets. The police thought that this was done by the insurgents who want to chase and threaten Thai Buddhists because in that village there are only three Thai Buddhist families.
Below: Note the curing rubber...

(Photo: Mr. John for

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: City of three cultures - December 29, 2006

Mr. John reports: City of three cultures - Here are signs telling the cultural place for tour, Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo Shrine, Kru Se Mosque and Wat Chang Hai located at the join of Amphur Tepa, Songkhla and Amphur Nongjik , Pattani.

This points that Pattani in the three southern borders is the city of multiple of cultures of Thai, Chinese, and Muslim people who live peacefully together for a long time for many hundred years.

Although, at present there is the unrest that threatens people in area including the unrest group trying to make complications of religion and race.

Interior Minister not concerned about southern separatist flag-fliers - translated and summarized from Phujatkan, December 4, 2006
Most schools in the southern border provinces reopened today. However, schools did not reopen in the following areas out of local security concerns: Narathiwat Province’s Rueso, Rangae and Cho Airong Districts, Yala Province’s Education Zone 2, and five other districts in Pattani Province.
The unrest in the deep south still continues unabated. The Minister of the Interior--Aree Wong-araya--has recently stated that he is not particularly concerned about separatist plans to fly the "Patani State" flags in some southern villages. The minister was giving an interview to mark the end of 1,000 days since southern criminals raided a Narathiwat Province army camp and stole a large quantity of firearms. Aree said that it was illegal for the flag of an unrecognized state to fly over Thai sovereign territory and that the only legal flag was the red, white and blue of the Thai tricolor. He opined that the criminal flag-fliers were trying to exert a psychological influence over local villages and that their intended action was futile. He confirmed that the government was well-prepared to handle any major insurgent incidents that might occur in the deep south in the next few weeks.

1,000 days since Narathiwat arms raid - translated and summarized from Matichon, December 3, 2006
General Sonthi Boonyaratglin (the Royal Thai Army Commander-in-Chief) is worried that southern terrorists might organize a major attack in the next few weeks. The military has found that criminal groups are preparing for a major incident which could be followed by some kind of victory celebration and a declaration of the independence of the "Patani State."
Prime Minister Gen. Surayud Chulanont has recently said that if opinion polls show public dissatisfaction with his government’s handling of the southern unrest during the next three months, he is ready to make adjustments to the procedures and plans that are currently in place to deal with the problem.
General Surayud also confirmed that refugee Buddhist villagers in the deep south have been given the freedom to make their own decision as to whether they wish to return to their home villages. He said that if the villagers wanted to return to their homes to check on their property, the army would be there to escort them. He also stated his belief that those villagers who have already returned home would be able to provide reassurance that it was safe to return home. Many of the refugees have taken temporary shelter in a local Buddhist temple...

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Almost like being there: Burned school - December 8, 2006
Mr. John reports: The students of Kuruchonpattana, Mu 1, Thambon Pohseng, Amphur Muang Yala see the ruins of a school after it was burned insurgents. This is expected this was done by the unrest group.

(Photo: Mr. John for

PRD warns local security units of massive insurgent attacks early this month led by Sapaeing Baso - translated and summarized by Phujatkan, December 2, 2006

The government’s Public Relations Department (PRD) has warned all local security units to prepare for an unprecedented series of attacks by insurgent groups in several locations during early December. It also named Sapaeing Baso as the current commander of the insurgent groups that will carry out the attacks, and said that the attacks would occur in several places simultaneously. The PRD urged security units to be well-prepared for “significant incidents” at the beginning of December, after it had been informed that thirteen core insurgents--led by a Syrian called Dato Faday--had recently held a meeting in a “neighboring country.”

The meeting’s participants were apparently ordered to return to their hometowns and incite local Muslims to participate in a series of attacks between December 1 and December 11. The participants were also asked to enter into cooperation with insurgent cells already in position in Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla Provinces and to prepare 60 to 100 uniforms to be worn by militants during the attacks.

The incidents are planned to take place in many locations simultaneously as happened at the time of the Kru Sae Mosque incident on April 28, 2004. The idea, yet again, appears to be to draw soldiers into using violence to control the ensuing chaos of such attacks. The clandestine members of such insurgent groups are all too willing to sacrifice their lives to create an extreme psychological impression on the public. They also hope to bring the incidents to international attention. Sapaeing Baso’s groups have even prepared a declaration of victory to be read out after the attacks.

Deep South Diary for November - December 9, 2006
Usually our info on incidents in the deep south is compiled for research purposes, but last month the pace of incidents was unusually brisk and we thought 2B readers might be interested to see the report (pdf, 58kb) from the site. The report is edited, just for a part of the month, and mainly from Yala, but is gives an idea of the pace and nature of the events of November. Many of these incidents never show up in the press.

Example of a leaflet dropped by helicopter in the deep south - December 7, 2006
This is a leaflet scattered by helicopter by the Southern Border Provinces Peace-building Command.
It reads: Stop making troubles as Thais won’t let anybody to spoil our unity.
Currently, militants are in a disadvantageous position as the government’s peaceful methods resolving southern unrest are effective. Southern militants are spreading rumors, trying to mislead the civilians. The move is a bid to trick government officials into using violence which would lead to opposition and demonstrations. We, therefore, would like to ask you to follow the following advice:
1. Keep an eye on your family members and keep your routine.
2. Trust government officials. Don’t be misled. No part of Thailand will be separated.
3. Inform government officials of any useful information by contacting the Civil Department of the Southern Border Provinces Peace-Building Command, Sirindhorn Campus, in Amphur Yarang of Pattani Province, call 1341, 1881 or 0-7326-2572, or on

Example of a threatening letter sent by separatists - December 2, 2006
Above: Kru Bow Kru Koy (Kru is teacher), [withheld], Amphur Muang, Yala 95000

Above: Kru Bow Kru Koy Kru Kai, the Thai Buddhist get out. Don't work here. Not guarantee for safety. Go to teach at Krongpinang at Nibongchanoopatum. We know and can follow where you are, what you teach, and how you go. We, Pattani state, do not want Thai Buddhists teachers. This is the first warning. You are also the Thai Buddhist [Kafir Siam]. We are Allah people and don't get involved with them. Get out. Allah protects people who believe in Allah only.
King and Queen worried about teachers in south, suggest them practice shooting - Foreigners condemn southern militants - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, December 1, 2006
Naphol Boonthap, deputy aide-decamp general, on November 30 visited Yala and Narathiwat Provinces and expressed concerns on behalf of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen over the people. He said he was willing to help teachers. A project providing shooting training to teachers is being held so that they can learn how to protect themselves when being attacked. The pilot project of "Protecting teacher battalion" at present is only being conducted in Narathiwat. It will be expanded to Yala and Pattani.
Thawat Saeham, president of the Teachers Federation in Narathiwat Province, said teachers in the province are not confident in security measures as teachers are still attacked despite tight security measures.
Human Rights Watch, an international organization that conducts advocacy on human rights, stated that attacks on teachers by Thailand’s southern separatists are terrorizing the population and preventing children from enjoying their right to education.

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