New Year’s cartoons 2006

(Source: Khao Sod, December 31, 2006)

New Year's cartoons 2006

Above: Thaksin heads to London with a suitcase of baht. He is chased by a dog--2006 was the year of the dog. Chaowalit Yongjaiyut rides a train as it is widely believed he is behind the political accusations about owning train carriages leveled at PM Surayud. Coup-general Sonthi rides in a tank as water representing undercurrents against the coup swirls around him. In the background is the roofline of the new airport with dog droppings on it symbolizing that it "smells bad" because of corruption. At the top it reads: Goodbye year of the dog.

(Source:Thai Rath, December 31, 2006)

Around the poem are the main events of the year. Clockwise from top left: The troubled airport, flooding, Sonthi crying over the bones of the country picked clean by corruption, Surayud sweeping away corruption, pigs of 2007 chasing the dog of 2006 (2007 is the year of the pig), people having their photos taken with coup tanks, students crying in front of burned schools.

The verse reads:
Enough for Year of the dog by Chai Ratchawat, Thai Rath
Go… go… enough for the dog year [Year of the dog]
Yes, sir... good sir… much of flattery
Eat like a vulture... catching the dead body... Cover what people say. [references to corruption in the Thaksin government]
Not enough eating…Eat…a lot...
One day... what they did... will get closed... [come back like Karma] faster like a rocket...
Time’s up for power, words.
Time for overthrow.
Don’t meet it again, pass it--the year of the dog... [These are all references to the tumultuous political events of the year--from Thaksin's political corruption to his overthrow.]

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(Source:Thai Rath, December 31, 2006)

The cartoon above is from Thai Rath which has the most quirky and likely front page of all Thai dailies.

Here (at left) is the full front page that includes bathing beauties, the new year's cartoon at top, ladies crying over a charred corpse in the deep south, and a bomb squad officer.

(Source:Prachachat, January 1-3, 2006)

Various personalities of the year (from top): PM Surayud holding items of the monkhood and a sword representing his dual duties as interim PM, Sonthi holding a wounded Thailand, Thaksin carrying his suitcase of baht and riding on Chaowalit Yongjaiyut who is shown as a 2007 pig, and Pridiyathon Devakul and Tharisa, the bank of Thailand president, loading a cannon. On the canon it reads: The foe who gains the profit must get wrecked and ruined.
The headline reads: Foreigners watch the Thai economy, worry the baht will be strong, politics will be in turmoil. Foreign capital goes to Vietnam.

(Source:Kom Chad Luek, December 31, 2006)

Several newspapers are writing that 2006 was the year of the two Sonthis--starting with rabble rouser Sondhi Limthongkul and ending with coup-leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin.
The headline reads: 2 persons of the year - Sonthi - Set fire to chase (away Thaksin) - Revolution to (overthrow) Thaksin

(Source: Matichon, December 31, 2006)

Upper right: Gen. Sonthi… the person of the year.
Red headline: CNS does not stop the order of controlling the party [the emergency order preventing political activity]. Intercept the pressure - Worry it may be work in the courts. In the case of “dissolution” the Democracy of Confederation could join to crush Surayud. The soldiers let Sonthi explain about the double marriage [accusations that Sonthi has two wives--both Surayud and Sonthi have been under intense political pressure in the last week]. 
Blue headline: Accidents of New Year are more than year 2006. 41 die the first day.

(Source: Khao Sod, January 1, 2007)

Happy New Year 2550
The chicken says "Bye, bye constitution" as Sonthi and Surayud ride a tank over TRT personalities.

(Source: Banmuang, December 31, 2006)

Thaksin holding his bag of baht is surrounded by protesters and the military as two dogs (2006 was the year of the dog) tiptoe away.

The verse reads:
Goodbye year of dog 2549
Hello Year of Dog “ Liam” [square-faced Thaksin] has to go
Because of the tank with succor [relief in a time of distress]
Populism failed and was pulled down
“Thaksina-Tipatai” [Thaksin-style democracy] moves to make trouble.
Becomes an undercurrent, recurrent ["undercurrents" are secretive political moves of opposition]
Mr. persists Mrs. dreams - Wait to come back.
Nominees agitate
Thai Rak Tai was chased
[It's tail] was amputated finally [This means TRT is compared to a dog with a chopped-off tail.]

(Source: Matichon, January 1, 2007)

One more new year's cartoon
Democrats dance and celebrate with pigs implying the year of the pig--2007--will be their year. While the other new year's cartoons have clear political references, this one was a little harder to understand. If anyone has something more to add to explain this one, open a thread on the forum with your thoughts....

Happy new year 2550
2 Mom and father have more kindness, grace for each person
5 The Buddha supports people to be good
5 Benjangkapradit [a Thai salutation] makes balance
0 passion and prejudices disappear.

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