Marching to Government House: What is on Thai TV now?

What is on Thai TV now? - 11:21 pm, March 5, 2006
Thai TV has been notorious for remaining silent when historic events are happening. Right now history is happening--a mob is marching on Government House with the intent to overthrow the Thaksin administration. What is Thai broadcast television showing?

Channel 9 - An MTV-style hip host talking about music videos

Channel 11 - A show explaining how tai chi is good for the elderly

MCOT - A show about when the Backstreet Boys performed in Bangkok

Channel 3 - From 11:10-11:19 only commercials (this is not unusual for Thai TV). At 11:20, a game show sponsored by "Hang Foreplay" drink

Channel 5 - Channel 5 has a brief live broadcast from the protest (the segment is called "Break News"). They then return to an infomercia for the Thai version of the Tiger Woods book, How I Play Golf.

Channel 7 - A celebrity talk show

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