Ghost Game Controversy

Producers of Ghost Game movie wish to officially apologise to Cambodia - The Nation, May 4, 2006
The producers of a Thai horror film reportedly based on a notorious Khmer Rouge torture centre said on Thursday they are seeking a meeting with Cambodian officials to officially apologise for the movie...



Above: Ghost Game main page

More on Ghost Game - May 1, 2006

The Ghost Game website is now offline. However, they only managed to block the entry page. The rest of the site is still online (high bandwidth - low bandwidth - it is a Flash site that does not work with Firefox).

Left: The Ghost Game website decorated with Khmer characters.

Movieseer attempts to clarify the situation by describing the movie as being based on the "bloody Gambodia War."

Don't miss the teaser trailers that starts out with a poodle wearing a red bikini walking on its hind legs down the beach (right). How this leads to a Khmer death prison is something only the brilliant Thai advertising industry can produce.

And incidentally, "Kampuchea" is mentioned by name in the trailers.

Film brings shame upon Thai society - The Nation, April 30, 2006
...In one of the most offensive scenes, contestants provoke the spirits of genocide victims by smashing up skulls and skeletons (artificial, not real ones). Again the piles of skulls and skeletons depicted in the movie are eerily similar to those on exhibit at Phnom Penh's Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum...


Above: It seems clear from the film's website it is set in the Khmer Rouge Toul Sieng prison. The text reads: An official report specifies that in four years of war, there were more than 17,000 persons who were registered as prisoners in this place which was named officially "Detention camp S-11"

Cambodia fumes at 'disrespectful' Thai ghost movie - DPA, April 26, 2006
... A group of 11 young Thais play characters in a TV reality show who must stay in the haunted Cambodian prison and brave angry ghosts to win prize money.
"The movie makes the dead out to be bad, but they are innocents. Our national tragedy is not a game. This movie looks like the Thais are not respecting the Khmer," Kendara said.
The movie, due for release Thursday in Thailand, has united all factions of Khmer politics in indignation, with some saying they fear renewed friction between the two nations due to the Thai production's allegedly crass treatment of a highly sensitive and still painful period of Cambodian history.
..."If they were neutral, they would make a film about Thai authorities killing thousands of their own people in their 'war on drugs'," soldier Loung Nhoung was quoted as saying...

The Ghost Game website


2519/2549 ad for a film - April 21, 2006
Pipat reports: I think this advertisement is about an upcoming movie called “Ghost Game” acted by UBC Academy Fantasia 1. I got the information in Thai so if you want to check it out it is on
Earlier: A reader informs us that the "2519/2549" banner (above) is promotion of Thai film that is running teaser advertisements on television now. No word on what the title is though...
Earlier: 2519/2549 - April 19, 2006
[Does anyone know what this refers to? Sometimes provocative signs like this are used to advertise upcoming television shows or movies... An earlier example: The threatening billboard]
The banner reads: In the year 1976, 10,000 people had gone suffering - In the year 2006, 11 people are coming with a challenge...

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