Finding the man who is hiding a woman inside

Finding the man who is hiding a woman inside - July 4, 2006
No country makes more quirky, politically incorrect, and culturally specific movies than Thailand. The latest: Gang Chanee gap E Ab
The movie is a comedy about a group of women trying expose a man who they suspect is a closet homosexual.
Explanation of the title:
"Gang" - the English word
Chanee - Thai gays use this slang word which means a gibbon (a kind of monkey)--to refer to women. It is said that when women speak of their husbands in a group they use the colloquial "pou" and the chant of "pou, pou" in a group of women chatting supposedly sounds like the gibbon's call.
gap - with
E Ab - This means "a man hiding what he is--i.e. a woman" (E is a colluqial for woman, Ab means hiding)

Above right: Fold-out poster showing all the places on a man that give away him being gay.
Eyebrow: Bends like the bottom of Jennifer Lopez
Ear: Gaydar Paris Institute - Notice the earring that shows of which kind of gay he is.
Eye: The eye will lighten to brilliance when he meets a man.
Mouth: Will have a glint or a sparkling mouth. Using lips gloss.
Shirt: Open neck shirt. Can see skin.
Hand: Usually Open hand and not open ...not the style of a real man.
Trousers: Fits tightly on the body.
Leg: Always wears socks to protect hair on legs.
The last thing: Ab likes to wear g-string.

Left: The promotional brochure for the movie includes a game to see if you can find all the items in this closet that give away the man being gay.

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