Senate Elections 2006


Above: An election official stands in front of a board listing senate candidates for Bangkok. Note the various candidates who are blacked out--they are people who were disqualified for various reasons.


Senate election day

Senate: New faces, same old ties - The Nation, April 20, 2006
Candidates thought to have links with Thai Rak Thai out in front...

As 66 per cent of voting counted, Nitiphum still tops the list - The Nation, April 20, 2006

Left: Nitipoom Naowarat's Bangkok Governor campaign poster from 2004. Nitipoom is an influential Thai Rath columnists and the top vote-getting senate candidate in Bangkok. His website is here, but it seems to be offline.

Nitiphum top-vote earner in Bangkok - The Nation, April 20, 2006
Thai Rak Thai calls on for disqualification of three Bangkok top winners - The Nation, April 20, 2006
Thailand's 'husbands and wives' senate - Bangkok Post, April 20, 2006
...But unofficial vote counts on Thursday indicated that only a handful of truly independent candidates in Bangkok will win seats in the next senate, while the upcountry tally was going primarily to candidates with strong connections to politicians, many of them even wives or husbands of elected members of parliament, observers said.
"We've dubbed it the husbands and wives chamber," cracked former senator Mechai Viravidhaya, Thailand's famed family planning crusader. "It's totally against what the constitution says. You're not supposed to be a politician."...

More on the election:
Vote For Me! - Bangkok Recorder, April 19, 2006
Another irreverent feature from the Recorder--this time critiquing the senate election posters.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Senate election day - April 19, 2006
Mr. John reports: People in Yala come to vote in the senator election on April 19. There are 8 candidates, but only one can be senator. The atmosphere of the election is strict safety provided by security personnel.

Senate elections tomorrow: "Vote for the wife of your favorite government minister"- April 19, 2006


Thai-language forumers on have joked that when you vote for the supposedly nonpolitical senate you can "vote for the wife of your favorite government minister." Below are links to the English-language profile pages of these "political relatives" from the EC website...

...caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's sister-in-law Pawruthai, running in Chiang Mai; Natural Resources and Environ-ment Minister Yongyuth Tiya-pairat's wife Salakjit, running in Chiang Rai; and Suwit Wongsri-wong, husband of Thai Rak Thai party-list MP-elect Ladawan Wongsriwong, running in Phayao.
Poonpirom Liptapanlop, wife of Deputy Prime Minister Suwat Liptapanlop, is a candidate for Nakhon Ratchasima; Chai Chid-chob, father of PM's Office Minister Newin Chidchob, is running in Buri Ram; and Patcharee Phetsawang, wife of Thai Rak Thai MP-elect Sopon Phetsawang.
Ten other candidates have close relationships with former opposition parties including Suphan Buri's Prasit Pothasuthon, the older brother of Prapat Pothasuthon (Chat Thai), and in Krabi, Somkiet Engchuan, the younger brother of Arkom Engchuan (Democrat). Running in Sa Kaew is Wittaya Thienthong, younger brother of Snoh Thienthong (who split from Thai Rak Thai)...
Will it be 'all in the family' for the new Senate? - The Nation, April 18, 2006)

Senate election poster: Amnuay Klinyu - April 18, 2006
Left: Amnuay Klinyu, Chairperson of the Blind Persons Sport Association of Thailand

Foreign election observers to monitor Thai Senate election - VNA, April 18, 2006
Foreigners from more than 20 countries worldwide will observe the April 19 Senate election in Thailand to monitor the transparency of Thailand's Upper House contest, held once every six-years, the Thai News Agency reported on April 18.
According to Election Commissioner Gen. Charuphat Ruangsuwan, the foreign observers are scheduled to witness the senatorial polls in a number of northeastern and southern provinces, including Khon Kaen, Nong Khai and Phuket.
Observers from Australia, Austria, India, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Poland and Uzbekistan, among others, are planning to witness Thailand's election process and observe the polling system applied in this country, the commissioner said...


Senate election posters - April 11, 2006
Above: 107 - Dr.Pipat Preedawiphat
160 - Lieutenant Colonel MD. Kamolpan Cheewapansri
31 - Mr. Thawee Krakupt [Thawee is a former Democrat Deputy Minister of Commerce. For over a decade he had a billboard on the way to Don Muang Airport showing the trademark image of him with his mouth covered with tape. Anyone recall what that billboard said?]
184 - Mr. Jumnong Chaimongkol
66 - Mr.Prateep Watcharachokkasem


Above: 164 - Dr. Nitipoom Nawarat
131 - Dr.Bhichit Rattakul
7 - Dr.Nalinee Taveesin
31 - Mr.Thawee Kupt
107 - Dr.Pipat Preedawiphat
175 - Khun Ying Uraiwan Sirinupogn



Senate election poster: Phichit Rattakul - April 8, 2006
Above: Senate election poster of former Bangkok Governor Phichit (or Bhichit) Rattakul. He was once head of the Mot Ngarn (Worker Ants Party)... not to be confused with his father, former Democrat Deputy PM Bhichai Rattakul.
Senate elections will be held April 19.
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