Bangkok Post’s 60th Anniversary

More on the Post's 60th - August 1, 2006

On August 1 the Bangkok Post contained an interesting set of extras for their 60th anniversary edition including a replica of their first edition front page (right).
Left: The August 1, 2006 front page of Bangkok Post showing a photo from the 1960s of the Post offices at Mansion 4, Ratchadamneon Road. They also mention the new Post Publishing printing facility which will open on Bang Na-Trad Road Km. 19 in 2007.

Right: In the otherwise lavish and informative anniversary book, the date of the King's birth is misstated in one of the opening articles requiring a errata sheet.

Yesterday: Bangkok Post's 60th anniversary - August 1, 2006
Today is Bangkok Post's 60th anniversary...

Buying the first edition of the Post - Bangkok Post, August 1, 2006

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Proud history of fair, honest, responsible news coverage

[2015 note: Like many Thai newspaper articles from the early days of the Thai internet, this article is no longer online. Below is the complete text of the original article.]

Proud history of fair, honest, responsible news coverage

The Bangkok Post thanks readers for sixty years of support and reaffirms its commitment to honesty and freedom of expression in a democratic kingdom

Bangkok Post
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Sixty years ago a handful of Thais and an American, armed with blind faith and determination, launched a new English-language newspaper despite a lack of funds. Five hundred copies of the four-page paper were printed on an old Japanese press from a two-storey house on Krung Kasem road. The Bangkok Post was born, and it sold for a mere one baht.

In its inaugural editorial, the founding fathers of the Bangkok Post said they wanted to fill Bangkok's need for a "good newspaper."

But more importantly, they wanted the newspaper to act as "a voice of the people" in key challenges facing Thailand after the Second World War.

Those challenges included infusing in "our people the will to serve each other" and to achieve the goal of making Thailand a truly democratic kingdom.

Crucial to achieving democracy, the editorial said, was the need for the country to boost education and the need for "competent, unselfish leadership" at all levels.

Over the past six decades, many aspects of Thailand have changed. Yet, at times, it appears that the same challenges remain. Going through periods of political upheaval, economic highs and lows, as well as social changes, the Bangkok Post today remains part of Thai society.

As Thailand's oldest newspaper -- having grown from a mere four pages to 60 pages -- we are here today because of your trust and support as readers.

We cherish and value your trust dearly and it is only appropriate that, on this very special occasion of our 60th anniversary, we reaffirm to you, unequivocally, our pledge to continue serving Thai society with honesty and responsibility.

We reaffirm our commitment and dedication to adhere to our long-standing tradition of reporting and analysing the news in a fair and balanced manner. We promise to make our positions clear on crucial issues affecting the country. When we err, we will admit our mistakes and correct those mistakes accordingly.

And we pledge to defend to the utmost the principle of freedom of expression, a crucial lynchpin in a democratic society, so that we as a nation can achieve the lofty goals and dreams set out decades ago.

This is who we are. These are our core values. And we thank you for allowing the Bangkok Post to continue serving Thailand for decades to come.
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