60th Anniversary of the King’s Accession to the Throne

60th Anniversary of the King's Accession to the Throne
June, 2006
Also: Building the arches
Also: Vintage photos
Also: Downtown on June 9

Police ban distribution of controversial image of Bhutan crown prince - The Nation, June 27, 2006
...Yannaphol, head of the Information Technology Division under the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), said the individual would face criminal charges of libel if the image was found to have been doctored.
"Please stop distributing the image, or you risk facing criminal charges. Actions are being taken without any formal requests that might possibly be made by Bhutan," he said.
Maj-General Prachin Waree, a deputy chief of the police Information Technology and Communications Bureau, said electronically-based examination was underway to locate the person who first released the image.
"This may violate the crown prince's reputation. It requires thorough and careful examination to work this out," he said...

Article discussing succession - The Age, June 28, 2006
It is interesting that these types of articles always show no insight beyond the day-to-day scuttlebutt of the average Thai... and the conclusion as usual is absolutely wrong.

Bhutan's guideline on tourism - Bangkok Post, June 28, 2006
... Here in Thailand, the country uses a different formula. This Kingdom prefers ''high value, high volume.'' That means the more they come, the better for the country. Last year the country had 12 million foreign visitors, and this year its target is 4.5 million more. The Tourism Authority of Thailand recently called on the government for 900 million baht to be used on promotion campaigns to make its target reachable.
But there is a price to pay for that, regarding the changing of lifestyle and culture. Mae Hong Son of yesteryear is completely different to Mae Hong Son of today; the same goes for Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and elsewhere.
What Thailand's agencies responsible for tourism fail to appreciate is: who should really benefit from the friendly tourism drive? What the TAT has in mind is a target and projections, but it overlooks a key factor _ how to allow the locals to get the most benefit from its policies, instead of outsiders...

Cost keeps Thais from following prince charming - The Nation, June 28, 2006
A humble fruit appeals to royal taste - The Nation, June 17, 2006
A Bangkok fruiterer had the proudest day of her life when she impressed a visiting monarch with her durians and her love for His Majesty the King...
And here's a photo of the Bhutanese crown prince wai-ing in Phuket.

Abac pollster retracts results of survey on visiting royals' popularity - The Nation, June 21, 2006
Assumption University's Abac pollster Wednesday retracted the results of its latest survey on the relative popularity of visiting royals just hours after they were released because of pressure from the Foreign Ministry...

(Photo: AP?)
What the Princess saw - The Nation, June 24, 2006
...At one point, Queen Sirikit, who was standing behind the King's back, instructed Princess Sirindhorn to take the pictures.
"The Queen pointed her finger and told Princess Sirindhorn to take the pictures here and there," said Phaothong Thongjua, a well-known Thai artist and academic. He got this account from Thanphuying Putrie Viravaidya, His Majesty the King's Deputy Principal Private Secretary.
After a while, His Majesty the King turned to take a critical look at Princess Sirindhorn's busy snapping away. The King said: "Shh ... can you take the pictures somewhere else?"
...Yesterday, Princess Sirindhorn held a solo exhibition at the Conrad Hotel of 14 photographs taken by her digital camera on the balcony of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall on June 9. The exhibition is open to public between June 24 and July 2...

Earlier: Photo exhibition - June 20, 2006
Aspier writes: The Nation Weekly mentions that at the Conrad Hotel there will be an exhibition of Pratep's (the King's daughter) photographs taken by her on June 9 when she photographed next to the King on June 9 (left). Not sure, but I think the dates are June 26-July 5.
Anyone heard about this?

Nation lensman revels in memories of royal day - The Nation, June 24, 2006
...The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, which is under the patronage of HM the King, told The Nation photo editor that they would permit one photographer from the paper to enter the hall compound, he said.
"None of the six Nation photographers working that day was wearing an appropriate white shirt, including me," he said. "Without white shirts, we couldn't go inside."...

Chakri family tree - June 23, 2006
Interesting family tree of the Chakri dynasty (676kb). We do not know from what website the graphic is from, but it says it is from the "Queen Savang Vadhana Foundation."

Thai women go crazy for Bhutan's prince heartthrob - Channel NewsAsia, June 19, 2006
Bhutan's 26-year-old crown prince, with his movie star looks, has become the latest heartthrob for Thai women after attending celebrations honoring the Thai king's 60th anniversary on the throne...

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Celebrating the King - June 15, 2006

Billboards and photos of the King on highrises...

Left: We love the King.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Backstory: The king and Thai - CSM, June 12, 2006
...Last year, Major Cineplex asked director Rashane Limtrakul to produce a new presidential salute. His lavish minute-plus film is about a Buddhist king rescued from stormy seas by a goddess. "I wanted to make people remember why you stand up [for the king at theaters]," he explains. Instead of ending on the customary image of the king, the film shows the royal family, with the crown prince in a prominent position.
A subtle way of preparing moviegoers for the inevitable royal succession? No, says Mr. Anavach: "We try to remind people to love the royal family. It's not only the king."
Any feedback from the palace? Oh yes, Anavach says, the king loves this one. "Our king is an artist," he says proudly.

Thailand king's got that swing - CNN, June 11, 2006
For so many Thais, King Bhumibol Adulyadej is a father figure for the nation. But for a small group of jazz musicians, he is also the King of Swing...

June 9, 10, 11, 2006 front pages
Arches and exhibits in honor of HM The King - Bangkok Post, June 9, 2006
Whatever HM the King suggests will be implemented and carried on - TNA, June 10, 2006
The government will continue all His Majesty the King-initiated projects and implement whatever the revered monarch has advised, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said here on Friday.
The prime minister told TNA that all Thais are loyal and feel gratitude to His Majesty the King for his wisdom and dedication for the better life and well-being of his subjects throughout the kingdom over the past 60 years...

HM the King's speech at Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall - June 9, 2006
Official English-language site for the celebrations
About the arches - About the barges - About royal palaces - Meaning of the royal emblem - About the Royal Regalia

The schedule - June 9, 2006

Friday is a public holiday.
AM - Besides grand celebrations, Thais will have a chance to wish him well from the Royal Plaza as the King and Queen greet the crowds from the balcony of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall...
To view Friday's event, people are advised to arrive before 7am and take traffic disruption into account. At about 10am, the King and Queen will take part in a religious ceremony to pay homage to previous kings.
(Rare chance to see King at Royal Plaza)

- At 19.19... - nine is an auspicious number and he is the 9th Rama of the Chakri dynasty - most of the king's 63million subjects will light candles in his honour. (Thai politics on hold for king's anniversary)

The great formal celebration will take place on June 12-13. The monarchs of 28 countries have been invited to Bangkok for the occasion.
Among the highlights will be an exhibition by the Royal Thai Navy at Navy Hall, presided over by His Majesty and his royal guests. On the night of June 12 there will be a dazzling procession down the Chao Phya river of 52 boats manned by 2,400 oarsmen.
(Regal Events over the long weekend - The Nation)

60-baht note - June 7, 2006

Right: Commemorative 60-baht note for sale at banks around town for 100 baht.

ThaiMonarchy.com - June 7, 2006
News on the 60th anniversary of the King's accession to the throne is here.

(Source: Email forward)

(Source: Vin)
First Thailand hand transplant as royal tribute - TNA, June 7, 2006
Surgeons at the leading hospital in this southern province Wednesday performed Thailand's first successful hand transplant operation as a royal tribute to His Majesty the King on the 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne...

Photoshopped Baiyoke 2 - June 7, 2006

Vin writes: I have checked 2Bangkok regularly for nearly 3 years. Since Baiyoke 2 Tower can be seen from almost everywhere in Bangkok, including Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn (probably Prathumthani also), I have tried something with it for our King's Celebration event. So I share with you... (right) Thanks for many information on the city.

(Photo: Mr. John for 2Bangkok.com)
Almost like being there: Yala celebration - June 6, 2006
Dr. Has reports: On June 6, 2006, the Office of Education Center of Yala zone 1 organized a fair for the 60th anniversary celebrations of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne. There were lots of government officers wearing yellow shirts that make a beautiful scene. The Yala Governor (right) also came to be a chairperson of the opening ceremony.

(Photo: Mr. John for 2Bangkok.com)

Friday extra holiday to mark King's celebration - The Nation, June 6, 2006
The Cabinet Tuesday announced that Friday June 9 will be another holiday to mark the 60th anniversary celebration of His Majesty the King's reign. The Cabinet earlier announced June 12 and 13 as special holidays to mark the celebration.

ThaiMonarchy.com - June 7, 2006
More on the upcoming festivities - June 6, 2006
- www.v4king.in.th and wallpapers.

- via The Nation: The Department of Public Relations has constructed a Thai and English website, www.60thcelebrations.com, to publicise the celebrations, he said.

- Thai-language pdf of the roads that will be closed
Thai holiday sparks yellow-shirt craze - AP, June 5, 2006

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Ayutthaya sign - June 4, 2006
The sign reads: Ayutthaya Great Auspicious - The 60th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty's Accession to the throne - From 16 May (Visakhabucha Day) to until 11 July (Buddhist Lent Day)

Traffic-easing measures for royal event - The Nation, June 4, 2006
More Royal Barge info - June 1, 2006
Nils found more info on the upcoming Royal Barge Procession:
Operation Plan and Rehearsal Schedule and Grand Royal Barge Procession & Light-and-Sound Show

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Building the arches - May 27, 2006

(Source: Ben Adisti Co.)

Royal Barge Procession - May 30, 2006
According to Ben Adisti Co., this is the route of the Royal Barge Procession on June 12 and the rehearsal on June 2 from 17:00-20:00.

Photos of the King - May 8, 2006
With the celebrations for the 60th ascension to the throne coming up in June, newspapers have been running historic photos featuring memorable or unusual moments involving the King.

Khao Sod ran this photo on their front page on May 6: "The king ties his shoelaces by himself when he went to Sakonnakorn province on 20 November 1990."

(Source: Khao Sod)

(Source: Khao Sod)
Young lad who wai-ed to King has been found - The Nation, March 30, 2006
Many reliable sources have identified the young boy captured in a much-loved photo giving a "wai" at the feet of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej 33 years ago.
He is Payungsak Kalamik, who now serves as a legal officer at a land-reform office in Nakhon Si Thammarat...

Three people in pictures identified - Bangkok Post, March 30, 2006
The hunt for five people seen with His Majesty the King in old, frequently-seen photographs has narrowed, with three of them being identified. Ja-Kur, or Pana Paipraditpol, a Muser hilltribe descendant, says he is the toddler being given medicine by the King in one of the photos. Mr Ja-Kur is now 39...

Earlier: Identifying people in famous photos of the King
- March 30, 2006
Do you know who this boy is? - Tha Nation, March 28, 2006
Who is that boy offering a wai at His Majesty the King's feet in this old but well-known photograph?...

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