Red Shirts and Thaksin

From Mahaprachachon, January 7-13, 2011
Above: The headline reads: Jail and the fate of the Red Shirts after release

Below: A handwritten note from Thaksin reads: 4 Jan 2011, Dear fellows, “[I] must say Sawasdee for the new year 2011 and bless for fellows to have strong minds for gaining democracy and justice in return and finally for Thais to gain happiness back with prosperity for each person, as well as the prosperity of the country. I wish that those who hold power stop doubting [the people] and that the country return to peace quickly. This picture is when I went shopping at Dubai Mall. A tourist remembered me and asked to take my picture.

[On one page are comrades in communist-inspired garb resigned to prison. On the facing page is Thaksin on a “high-so” shopping spree. Thailand is full of interesting juxtapositions that can seem schizophrenic to outside observers.]

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