The Missing Marker & Thai Democracy

The missing marker &
Thai democracy

Do all Thai roads lead to Singapore?

Do all Thai roads
lead to Singapore?

Who will come crawling?

Who will come

Analysis: Thailand’s Half Democracy

Analysis: Thailand’s
half democracy

Thaksin shifts puppets

Thaksin shifts puppets

How many died in the Thai drug purges?

How many died in the Thai drug purges?

Black May 1992

Remembering the Red Shirt protests of 2010

Remembering the Red Shirt protests of 2010

Remembering the checks & balances of the 1997 charter

Remembering the checks & balances of the 1997 charter

During Red Shirt rally, Thaksin kids withdraw 10 billion baht

During Red Shirt rally, Thaksin kids withdraw 10 billion baht

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What happens to the people Thaksin appoints?

From Manager, September 3, 2018
Thaksin: Your grandfather [referring to himself] will only take your dad to be a party leader for a little bit… I will return him soon.
Twins: Not true!… when he becomes a leader then he will escape outside of the country in the same way as grandmother Poo. [meaning former PM Yingluck]
Caption: The family’s take-away man.

[Thaksin is carrying away his daughter Pinthongta’s husband, Nattapong Kunakornwong. This is all about the speculation about which Shinawatra family member Thaksin might appoint to head his Pheu Thai Party.
It shows the bind Thaksin is in as the anti-Thaksin establishment has become adept at blocking Thaksin’s attempts to rewrite the constitution or grant himself amnesty through family members heading the government on his behalf.
The result of these efforts are court cases and exile for Thaksin appointees like his sister Yingluck.]

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The animals have to wait

From Naewna, September 1, 2018
Sign: Election 2019
In the cement PM Prayuth is pouring: Act regarding the election of [members of the house of] representatives
Caption: Waiting three months more, the track is still not done.

[This points out the delays the junta is putting up to delay elections such as procedural bills to various aspects of governing bodies that would oversee elections and politics.
The cartoonist seems to think this is a good thing as he portrays politicians at the “dangerous animals.”]

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The buffaloes are leaving Thaksin

From Naewna, August 29, 2018
Thaksin: Those puppet MPs Stop… Stop…
On the back of the buffalo: Phao Thai MPs are now changing parties.
Caption: Can’t pull back anymore.

[Refers to Thaksin who is facing the problem of defections from his Pheu Thai Party.
The cartoon calls the party “Phao Thai” meaning “burning Thailand” as the Red Shirts threatened to burn the country during protests in past. It also shows the MPs as a buffalo. This has traditionally been an insult to mean a person is as stupid or silly as a buffalo. However, in recent years, many have embraced the insult and refused to be provoked by it.]

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No justice for the panther

From Manager, August 29, 2018
Black panther: A delay in justice is an injustice.
Caption: Even a black panther is getting mad.

[Refers to the delay in judicial processed in he case of the president of the Italian-Thai Development Plc. Premchai Karnasuta. He faced a charge of allegedly hunting animals, including a black panther, in Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi province.
This cartoon reflects the fear that Premchai may not face justice as Thais believe that the rich, with money and power, obtain a privilege to escape from wrongdoing. Thais joke that prison is only for the poor.]

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Activist attacked for protesting Prawit

From Thairath, August 25, 2018
Title: A watch… not only informs of the time, but also inform’s about the owner’s personality
On paper held by Ekachai: Call for justice
On paper which has pictures of watches: Watches lent from friends
On Ekachai’s shirt: Ekachai
On signs from top to bottom: Violate rights; Arrest people who think differently; Make fake charges on students; Do not allow to check
Phi Nooring: Still is a barbarous country
Mouse: Still be such people who love to attack others behind their backs

[Refers to political activist Ekachai Hongkangwan who continually calls on Deputy PM Prawit to resign due to the allegation that he has amassed unusual wealth as demonstrated by his apparent collection of luxury watches and diamond rings. He has been physically attacked by unknown persons while trying to demand Deputy PM Prawit demand. This sort of direct physical attack on a protester is understood in Thai politics as the result of the protester “going too far” with his stinging and effective attacks on an individual.]

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Politicians need to poo

From Manager, August 30, 2018
PM Pruyuth: Eh… eh… I allow you to pee only… Don’t poo!!
Caption: To loosen… not unlock

[This illustrates that the junta, led by PM Prayuth, has recently allowed politicians conduct some limited political activities in order to prepare for the coming election.
However, the politicians should are not relieved as this action does not mean that the junta will “unlock” politics and allow political activities again so they are still desperate for full politicking to begin again.]

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Weekly News Magazines: New army chief, September, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, September 7-13, 2018
Main cover reads: Commander of the First Division, King’s Guard
[Refers to a new army chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong.
His promotion to head the military came as no surprise as it was already widely expected when he was appointed commander of the First Division, King’s Guard–a key posting in Bangkok. The location of the command’s bases and troops give it leverage over the civilian world of Bangkok and the ability to easily stage coups if they deem it necessary.
Gen. Apirat is known and trusted by PM Prayuth. He is the eldest son of former coup leader Gen. Sunthorn Kongsompong, who led a coup in 1991 to oust the government of Chatchai Choonhavan.
While not part of the ruling military clique the Eastern Tigers, Gen. Apirat’s appointment is thought to signal to the political world that all the major military factions are united in resisting a Thaksin return to power (in contrast to Red Shirt claims in the past that the military is split with some dissatisfied with Pm Prayuth).]

Top: Welcome to the election from Ubon-Korat. Pheu Thai-People’s State Power Party-Phumjaithai Party fierce fight
[Refers to Suporn Attawong (pictured), a former Red Shirt leader turned pro-junta politician. He has been accused of buying party members in Nakhon Ratchasima (also known as Korat).
The Pheu Thai party also claimed that the People’s State Power Party also tried to buy members and they would file a complaint with the Election Commission.
All of this is push back from the Pheu Thai Party against pro-junta political parties openly conducting political activities despite the junta ban on political activity.
The northeast region (Korat and Ubon) is expected to be hotly contested during the coming elections as the junta seeks to cut into Red Shirt strongholds.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, September 7-13, 2018
Main cover reads: Victims
[Refers to who will lead the Pheu Thai Party to contest the coming election.
There were several rumors about who will lead the party, such as Thaksin’s son-in-law Nattapong Kunakornwong (left), Thaksin’s son Pantongtae Shinawatra (right), Pheu Thai member Sitha Divari (center) and Thaksin’s nephew Yodchanan Wongsawat (front right).
Since the party is controlled by Thaksin, it is imperative that he is appoint a family member to lead the party. The cover headline jokes that whoever is appointed will be dealt with in the same way as Yingluck–hampered and hounded by legal cases and forced to flee the country.]

From Manager Weekly, August 25-31, 2018
Main cover reads: Army chief Dang with power
[Refers to a new army chief Gen. Apirat ‘Dang’ Kongsompong, who is an eldest son of former coup leader Gen. Sunthorn Kongsompong, who led a coup in 1991 to oust the government of Chatchai Choonhavan.
His appointment shows that he is trusted by the junta and, having united all major army factions, are now ready to compete in the comings election. Gen. Apirat as the narmy chief sends the signal that the junta is firmly in control of the political situation.]

Top: A fight of 2 queens [black] to become “leader of Pheu Thai” [red] “A queen of the moon palace” [black] humiliates “a queen from the north” because “Jae Dang” went to meet “Nong Pu” while “Somchai” visited Dubai.
[Refers to a fight between those two powerful women–Thakins’ ex-wife Potjaman Na Pombejra (right) and his sister Yaowapa “Dang” Wongsawat–to become head of the political party Thaksin controls–the Pheu Thai Party.
Yaowapa and her husband, former PM Somchai (middle), are lobbying Thaksin and Yingluck (nicknamed “Nong Pu” or “little sister Pu”) to support Somchai or their son to be the leader.
Thaksin’s ex-wife Potjaman is strongly insisting Thaksin appoint politicians not related to Shinawatra’s family.
This cover calls this intense fight “a fight of two queens” as both women are major power brokers in the country and have Thaksin’s ear. Potjaman is called “queen of moon palace” because Thaksin’s residence is named “Chansongla” which means “shining moon.”
Yaowapa has a strong power base in the north which is Thaksin’s hometown. “Jae” is Chinese word meaning “elder sister.”]

Bottom left: Ajarn Yak-Wiwat Salyakamthorn [white] to ban all hazardous herbicides in agricultural areas (is it possible?)
[Refers to an exclusive interview with Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Dr. Wiwat “Yak” Salyakamthorn. Recently, Dr. Wiwat has announced support for a total ban on three hazardous herbicides including Glyphosate, Chlorpyrifos, and Paraquat as they are health and environmental hazards.
Due to this, there is a rumor that he will be reshuffled out of his post as a ban on these hazardous chemicals would impact big business groups. Ajran is Thai word meaning a teacher.
Wiwat is also a supporter of organic growing which is a red flag for major Thai conglomerates that depend on big chemical sales in rural areas.]

Middle: Lookmai or Bab rak [pink] “Sean Jindachot” [white] climbing actor 2018
[Refers to a famous actor Sean Jindachot who is now playing a main role in two TV drama: Lookmai Laysonthaya with the actress Pimprapa Thangprapapron (pictured) and another TV drama Bab Rak.
He is often rumored to be dating his costars. There is now a rumor that he is dating Pimprapa. So this article calls him a “climbing actor 2018” which is like a climbing plant which always has close relationships with everything around.]
Right: The five things about coach Che who is abandoning his nationality
[Refers to well-known South Korean Choi Young Seok, Thailand’s taekwondo coach, who is now applying for Thai nationality in order to maintain his position to coach the Thai taekwondo team. He is known as “coach Che.” He has been praised for his good performance in helping Thai taekwondo in many international games.]

From Lokwannee, September 8-14, 2018
Main cover reads: Thailand can’t come to this far… if it without…Superhero
[Refers to a recent campaign on Facebook page “Uncle Tu Toon” with the aim to promote PM Prayuth as a hero who ends the political conflict in the country.
This cover ridicules the campaign and brings up Deputy PM Prawit, known for his expensive watch collection and the allegations that he did not declare his wealth. The big spending military is also noted with the submarines. In the background are dinosaurs used to indicate the old-fashioned thinking of the military.]

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A tale of two newspapers: New cabinet member a savvy or unethical move?

We do not find many of these Tale of Two Newspapers stories lately, but here is a good one:

New cabinet member seen as savvy move – Bangkok Post, September 13, 2018
…According to a source close to the pro-regime party, the latest addition of Mr Buddhipongse to the Prayut cabinet and the possible defection of Mr Natthapol indicate a major jump to maintain a fresh image by the regime…

Unethical of PM to appoint sedition defendant to junta PR role, say critics – The Nation, September 12, 2018
The recent appointment of a former protest leader, who is facing a sedition charge, as the prime minister’s deputy secretary-general has sparked criticism as people question whether it is appropriate and meets an ethical standard…

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Merit from above

From Thairath, August 23, 2018
Left: Nowadays, driving in Bangkok is very difficult.
Mid: …not only carefully drive by looking left and right, we must also look upwards!
Second speaker: Why do we have to turn our face upwards?
Right: To beware of merit which will fall down.

[Refers to fatal Skytrain accidents in Bangkok. Many areas in Bangkok have massive construction that not only makes the traffic jams worse, but has also resulted in material falling down to on cars.
The cartoon uses the Thai proverb “merit is falling down” meaning receiving unexpected luck. In the cartoon, instead of receiving falling merit, people have to be careful of falling materials from the Skytrain construction.]

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They died for politics

From Manager, August 20, 2018
Thaksin and Yingluck: We would like to express our deepest condolences on the death of Kofi Annan…
On the signs from left to right: Dead people from the political conflict in Thailand from 2005-now, PAD [People’s Alliance for Democracy], PDRC [People’s Democratic Reform Committee], UDD [United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship or the Red Shirts]
Caption: They both are lying. [meaning they are not sorry about death]

[Thaksin and Yingluck posted on their social media to show their sadness at the death of Nobel laureate Kofi Annan.
The cartoonist ridicules them as the cause of continual political conflict over the last decade that cost many lives.]

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The police should extort more

From Manager, August 23, 2018
Policeman: Stop extorting just a hundred or two hundred [baht]… For such a major offense, the extortion must be above a thousand!
On a paper on plow: Don’t have a driver license: 10,000 baht fine
Caption: A new tool for people who do farming on the road

[Refers to a new proposal by the Land Transport Department to increase the penalty for driving without a license or are unable to present their license on demand.
The cartoon plays with Thai word ‘ไถ’ which means to plow. This word is also used as slang to mean to extort. The cartoon suggests that the new law will enable the police to ask for larger bribes from drivers rather than the existing 100 or 200 baht.]

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Unlock politicians!

From Thairath, August 22, 2018
Title: Unlock before opening the ballot box
Box held by PM Prayuth: [top] Unlock [on side] Political party, MPs
On a ballot box: 24 Feb. 2562 Election
On a man’s suit: New EC [Election Commission]
Sign held by man in background: Campaigning in advance for the NCPO [meaning that the National Council for Peace and Order (the ruling junta) is already campaigning to win the next election while all other politicians are barred from doing so]
On a man’s suite: Three Companions [or the “three friends,” political kingpins who have switched from supporting Thaksin to supporting the junta]
Phi Nooring: Want to extend power longer
Mouse: Hurry up to return the democracy!

[This cartoon calls on PM Prayuth to end the ban on political activities and provide justice and equality to the politicians. This is because Prayuth’s supporters, namely the Three Companions, have been openly campaigning and gaining supporters for the junta.]

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We can not live without Thaksin

From Manager, August 13, 2018
Tent (nickname of Red Shirt leader Natthawut Sai-kuea): We can not live without Thaksin!!!!
Caption: Tent is so clear.

[This references the belief that those who support Thaksin–Red Shirt leaders and MPs–only do so because they are on the payroll of the Shinawatra family.
Alleged recent grumbling from Pheu Thai officials about not being paid by the Shinawatra family for several months has led to speculation that Thaksin’s ability to control the next government is in doubt.]

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Whatever he defecates… it is sacred

From Manager, August 22, 2018
Thaksin: Here… is your new boss!
Red shirt leaders and Pheu Thai Party members: Amen…
Caption: Whatever he defecates… it is sacred.

[Refers to the specualtion about who Thaksin will choose as the next Pheu Thai Party leader. The cartoon ridicules this, showing that whoever is selected by Thaksin will be undoubtedly respected.
We are not sure who the “poo-leader” represented here is. Perhaps Dr. Yodchanan Wongsawat, son of Thaksin’s brother-in-law Somchai Wongsawat, who is part of Thaksin’s family and thus can be trusted to head the party.]

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Turn the ship around

From Stephff, The Nation, September 6, 2018

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Don’t talk without thinking

From Naewna, August 17, 2018
Mouth on the left: I will solve the traffic jam within 3 months.
Mouth on the right: I will solve the traffic jam within 6 months.
Caption: Saying without thinking… obviously cut in front

[Refers to PM Prayuth announcement that he wanted Bangkok’s traffic problem solved in three months.
This comment immediately bought to mind Thaksin’s notorious boast that he would solve Bangkok’s traffic woes in six months.
The mouths are running to indicate the competition between the two. “Saying without thinking…” means the two people are bluffing when talking about how to solve traffic jams because they are only speaking to win votes without thinking about whether it will be possible.
“Obviously cut in front” means getting ahead of another person which refers to Prayuth’s boast of solving traffic in three months is even quicker than Thaksin’s promise of six months.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Getting Ready for Elections, August, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, August 24-31, 2018
Main cover reads: Still remember
In the white box: I heard that the PM went to Ranong province and met with a person named Yingluck and told her to do a good thing. Thus, may I ask a former army chief whether you still remember?
[Refers to former PM Yingluck’s recent political activities overseas. She mocked PM Prayuth by asking him whether “the ex-army chief can remember my name?”]

Top: Coming now. Deputy Joke (Sweetest) [red] Beloved younger brother of police chief Noi. Take a position as an assistant spokesman of Big Pom to help restore the image of big brother.
[Refers Tourist Police Bureau (TPB) deputy chief Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachate Hakparn who has been named assistant spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon. Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachate is known for having close ties with both Police chief Pol. Gen. Chankthip Chaijinda (whose nickname is “Noi”) and Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan (whose nickname is “Pom”). He helps Deputy PM Prawit to coordinate with the police. “Joke (Sweetest)” is his nickname as “Joke” is his regular nickname and he is known for using polite words (“sweetest”).]

From Manager Weekly, August 25-31, 2018
Main cover reads: Go without return. Sleep without waking up. No reviving. [white] Can’t escape.
[Refers to former Thai politician and a leader of anti-Yingluck protest groups Suthep Thaugsuban who is now facing allegations of graft in a 5.8-billion-baht project to construct police flats and police stations in 2009.
Although this case is still under investigation, it impacts Suthep and his political party Action Coalition for Thailand which will compete in the coming elections.
The words on the cover are a quote from what monks teach people during funerals to realize and understand about the dharma truth. The cover, is sarcastic to Suthep who is confident that he is close to the junta, but finally he cannot avoid the charges from his past actions.]

Top: “Jae Dang” supports her “husband” to fight. [black] “Big military” enjoys the “power” Be careful to lost. Game changes “Collapse” all the board
[Refers to the coming elections in Thailand. Thaksin’s sister Yaowapha “Dang” Wongsawat supports her husband former PM Somchai Wongsuwat to become the leader of the Pheu Thai party to fight in the coming election. “Jae” is a Chinese word meaning big sister.
This cover warns the junta to be careful lest they lose the election. Recently, a political group called the “Three Companions”, comprised of influential politicians announced they would support PM Prayuth as the next PM. These were all large faction leaders that were once key Thaksin supporters and have switched to support the junta instead.]

Bottom left: “Rwanda’s leader” leaves his people starving. Invest 1,290 million baht to support “Big Guns” to promote his country for his own favor
[Refers to Rwanda’s deal to sponsor famous football team Arsenal (known as “Big Guns”). This deal has been criticized as an example of an autocrat who runs one of the poorest countries in the world while sponsoring one of the richest clubs in world football.]

Middle: Teaching for rating? Teacher Aye admits “Good rating”–a lot of people following because of showing her sexy look.
[Refers to Online English tutor Titaya ‘Aye’ Hengnukun who is popular not only for her teaching, but also her sexy looks which attract a lot of people to follow her online page.]

Right: Amazing the result of people who stop drinking during the Vassa period.
[Refers to a campaign of Thai Health Promotion Foundation to encourage people to stop drinking during Vassa–the three month annual Buddhist Lent. Vassa lasts for three lunar months, usually from July to October.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, August 24-30, 2018
Main cover reads: Heaven [red] changes.
[Refers to PM Prayuth who got the fortune slip “no. 12” while visiting the well-respected Prince Chumphon shrine during a mobile cabinet meeting trip in Chumphon province. The fortune slip describes his long lasting luck.
We are not sure themeaning of the cover, but it likely refers to the tough competition he is facing from the Pheu Thai Party in the coming election.]

From Lokwannee, August 24-31, 2018
Main cover reads: Election… not sure yet
On the skirt: military-green gentlemen
Red crab: Still remember this name?

[Refers to former PM Yingluck mocking PM Prayuth by asking him whether “the ex-army chief can remember my name.”
In the cartoon, the dinosaur refers to the junta who, according to those who oppose it, has old and traditional mindsets to govern the country.
The skirt means the military do not act like men as they attack Yingluck who is a woman.]

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Dyeing the Red Shirts green

From Matichon Weekly, August 10-16, 2018
Title: Whoever has a red shirt, please bring it for dyeing to green. It will be more beautiful.

[This shows PM Prayuth (right) and Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak (left) in traditional provincial style dyeing THaksin’s supporter’s shirts from red to a military green. This symbolizes the apparently successful attempts by the military to woo prominent Red Shirt to switch sides and support the military junta.]

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Should they still fight for Thaksin?

From Manager, August 15, 2018
Red Shirts: You said the war is still not ended… why don’t you and your family come to fight for yourself Maew? [“Maew” or cat” is the nickname for former PM Thaksin.]

[The cartoonist points out the sacrifices Thaksin supporters have made for him, not only fighting the military in street protests, but also languishing in jail after making politically charged lese majestes comments.
Thaksin’s combative recent comments about the fight for democracy only ending when we are dead has led critics to contend that Thaksin is once again planning political trouble that will sacrifice his fervent followers in Thailand while Thaksin himself and his family are safely overseas.]

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Untouchable gods are not politicians

From Arun, August 16, 2018
Lower left, Deputy PM Prawit: It is not a political party
On a man’s shirt: Political party [meaning political parties are banned from conducting activities]
On the house in the heavens: Three Companions

[Refers a the new political grouping called the “Three Companions” (or “Three Friends”) consisting of Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak, former transport minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit, and Sukhothai politician and a leader of Wang Nam Yom faction, Somsak Thepsuthin. This group has announced their intention to support PM Prayuth to become the new PM. They have started persuade many politicians, particularly from Thaksin’s side, to join their group and support PM Prayuth in this coming election.
The god in the cartoon is sucking up or absorbing politicians.
The Phea Thai Party called on the Election Commission to investigate whether their actions violates the ban on political activities.
However, Deputy PM Prawit defended their action saying it did not violate the law as they are not a political party and they just discuss things with politicians as usual.
This cartoon ridicules the “Three Companions” an an untouchable god-like group which other cannot be touched because it supports the ruling junta.]

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Political parties in a coma

From Thairath, August 13, 2018
Left, Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: The Department of Disease Control does not tell the whole truth. They say that hemorrhagic fever is spreading. In only one week, 3000 people be may be killed from this kind of fever.
Middle, Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: …but they never told the truth that there is still another group of people in danger of being infected!
Villager: Man whose group of people?
Right, Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: The big political party has a hemorrhage and is in a coma!

[This makes a joke that compares the ban on political parties campaigning to people being in a coma. Thaksin supporters in particular have chaffed under the military ban and have demanded it be lifted immediately.]

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Weekly News Magazines, August, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, August 17-23, 2018

[Refer to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, wife of the late King Rama IX (center), together with His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (left) and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn make merit on the occasion of Her Majesty Queen’s birthday on August 12.]

From Siamrath weekly review, August 17-23, 2018
Main cover reads: Don’t believe [white] in what you see

[This is related the recent political churn are politicians prepare for coming elections. In particular, the disclosure by former Democrat Party MP Nakhom Machim. He apologized to former PM Thaksin and Yingluck for being part of the conspiracy hatched by the military, elites, judiciary and other anti-Thaksin groups to destroy the power of the Shinawatra family.]

From Manager Weekly, August 18-24, 2018
Main cover reads: Sek Loso [red] Live [white] a phenomenon haunts the Red Shirt.
In the background is the logo of the Red Shirt talk show “Truth Today.”

[Refers to rocker Sek Loso (pictured) once a fervent supporter of Thaksin and Yingluck. Recently, went on Facebook Live to criticize Thaksin and Yingluck for corruption and said he now supported PM Prayuth. Many Red Shirts, including Thanksin’s son Panthongtae, criticized him. Despite the recent Red Shirt defections to the military camp, Sek Leso’s statements supporting the PM seemed frantic and unorganized leading come commenters to think he was abusing drugs or was having a manic episode.]

Top: When dad overacts. [red] It causes an impact to his son. [black] Disclose another view from [green] Yutthapong Paochinda
[Refers to Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda (left) defending his son Yutthapong Paochinda (right) against allegations of having a business interest in the garbage management project that Anupong is supervising.]

Bottom left: “Big brother Ae” [white] Dean Rapper from “a student who was almost retired” to become [yellow] “a popular person among the younger generation”
[Refers to professor Dr. Suchatvee ‘Ae’ Suwansawat, dean of the King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). A video clip circulated showing Dr. Suchatvee, known as big brother Ae among the students, introducing the university by rapping.
In 2015, he pretended to be a freshman student on orientation day as well.]

Bottom right: Disclose [red] “a major allegation” [white] caused Big Tu to use the Article 44 to fire the AMLO Secretary-general to stop [red] “a betrayer”
[Refers to PM Prayuth who used his absolute under Article 44 to summarily remove Pol. Maj. General Romsit Wiriyasan (pictured) from his position as secretary-general of the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), a post he has held for less than two months.
Although publicly it was sated he was removed for unsatisfactory performance, it is rumored that Romsit’s close relationship with Thaksin and Yingluck’s supporters is the reason for his ouster.]

From Lokwannee, August 17-23, 2018
Main cover reads: Oumm… peung!! (Please receive medicine at counter 21) [“Oumm…peung” means something like “abracadabra”]
Above the audience: Yeah yeah yeah…
[Refers to rocker Sek Loso who attacked Thaksin and Yingluck on a live Facebook session and announced that he supported the junta.
His ex-wife said that he is a bipolar and urgently needs to meet a doctor.
This cover illustrates how Thai people, particularly the junta’s supporters, misunderstand about dictatorship and democracy.
According to the cover, the junta has been trying to make people think that dictatorship is the same as democracy.
The cover says that these people need to have real information on democracy and should watch the Red Shirt’s Voice TV which is on Channel 21.]

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Thailand should not head Asean

From Thairath, August 8, 2018
Title: Asking for the new standard.
Chair: ASEAN chairman
On man’s shirt: Jakarta Post
In his left hand: Please keep this place clean.
In his right hand: Democracy only
Prayuth on hand sign: Thailand’s queue [meaning Thailand is next in line to head the organization]
Mouse man: Request from ASEAN friend.
Mouse: Are we ashamed?

[Refers to a recent article in the Jakarta Post saying the ASEAN chairmanship should not be handed to Thailand next as Thailand is under a dictatorship.]

Another recent cartoon on this: No more ASEAN summits in Thailand

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No more ASEAN summits in Thailand

From Manager, August 8, 2018
Left, typing: The Thai junta chief should not become the ASEAN chairman…
Red, typing: …because the Red Shirts will protest and disrupt the meeting again.
Caption: Read their article… should read to the end.

[Refers to a commentary published in the Indonesian newspaper “Jakarta Post” calling on ASEAN countries not to allow PM Prayuth to be the ASEAN chair next year.
This cartoonist jokes that the real reason is not because Prayuth is a self-appointed dictator, but because another ASEAN summit in Thailand will suffer the same fate as the one in 2009.
At that time the Red Shirts, attempting to bring down the government and return Thaksin to power, overran the meeting venue in an attempt to embarrass the then government.]

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Jatuporn’s back

From Thairath, August 7, 2018
Title: Moving forward… but not to follow the same history
On the cart: People who called for democracy [showing the dead were merely pro-democracy protesters]
Signs on the cart from left to right: Hero for 14 Oct 16, 6 Oct 19. Black May 2535, Songkran 2552, Apr-May 2553 [These were times of political unrest when protesters clashed with the authorities–1973, 1976, 1992, 2009, 2010]
Signs on the bridge: Exit for Thailand; No dictator; Unity; No injustice
Phi Nooring: Change for [those who] die… not die before a change
Mouse: Welcome back to freedom

[Refers to Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan who was released from jail after time for defaming former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
On his release he called on all political groups to join hands in finding the way out of the cycle of coup and disputed elections.
The crocodiles in the water illustrate that for Jatuporn to achieve his goals, he must be careful as the way is dangerous.
With some Red Shirt leaders defecting to support the junta many will be looking to see if Jatuporn’s words for political unity still mean he supports a return to power for Thaksin or if he will defect and support the military.]

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They messed up the country

From Neawna, August 6, 2018
PM Prayuth: Over ten years, Thailand only has trash under the carpet that makes the international community lack confidence in us.
On the ground: Rubbish politicians
ON the carpet: A new government after the election
Under the carpet are creatures that represent “dangerous animals”–politicians who are dangerous to be around.
Caption: In ten years from now, this saying will still be correct.

[Refers to the perception that Thailand’s politics are riddled with venal politicians. Even after the preset coup government, the next government will still be made up of the same politicians as in the past.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Mother of the Land, August 10-17, 2018

From Lokwannee, August 10-16, 2018
Main cover reads: Dangerous [black] Totally crazy. Sometimes good sometimes bad [red] step away 5 meters.
[Refers to new controversial rules for photographers who are covering PM Prayuth. After the rules were issued, there was a huge complaint from the media and public about the junta trying to control the media and intervene in its work. The rules included showing respect to the PM before and after taking his photo as well as staying at least 5 meters from the junta leader at all times. In the cartoon, the dinosaur refers to the junta who still has an old style of political regime.
Bringing up this sort of issue and the complaints about it is meant to hint that the PM is being haughty and perhaps is trying to take on royal prerogatives about the way he is treated. The same complaints have been made about Privy Councillor Prem.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, August 10-16, 2018
Main cover reads: Long live the Queen
[Refers to the celebration of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 86th birthday anniversary. Also, her birthday is National Mothers’ Day.]

From Matichon Weekly, August 10-16, 2018
Main cover reads: War of “Tao”
On the back: Ruamphalang Prachachartthai Party
[Refers to a political conflict in the Sonakul family.
After MR Chatumongol “Tao” Sanakul (right) was chosen to be a leader of the Ruamphalang Prachachartthai Party (Action Coalition for Thailand founded by Suthep Thaugsuban), his daughter, ML Mingmongkol ‘Taona’ Sanakul (left), who strongly supports Yingluck, announced that she would not support her father’s party.]

Top right: Media and the dictatorship. Perception and standpoint of Suthichai Yoon.
[Refer to the analysis by veteran media professional Suthichai Yoon (pictured) toward to the junta. Suthichai has resigned from the Nation and started his own media business.]

From Manager Weekly, August 11-17, 2018
Main cover reads: Mother of the land. Mother of the King. “When we united, then we can help Thailand solve all problems. Joining hands and working together will help our country be out of danger.” [small] Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of King Rama IX. The motto for Mother’s Day in 2561
[Refers to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 86th birthday anniversary. This day is marked as the national Mothers’ Day. She is a queen of King Rama IX and the mother of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn or King Rama X. Each year, the Queen will offer a motto to encourage people.]

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Impact of the land slide

From Thairath, August 2, 2018
Title: Impact of the land slide
On the man’s shirt: Nakorn
On the poster: Victim; injustice
Under the landslide: The truth: disclose the story behind; Conspiratorial groups to overthrow Thaksin-Yingluck
Words under the landslide from left to right: businessmen; government officers; the Democrat Party; our rules [meaning that Thaksin’s enemies make up their own rules to make what they do seem fair]; Justice [judges] [These are all groups alleged to be part of the conspiracy to destroy Thaksin influence.]
On the flags above from left to right: Independent agencies; dictator
Phi Nooring: Those groups did a lot of bad things.
Mouse: They did it and receive the impact

[Refers to anti-Thaksin groups impacted by the disclosure from former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim that these groups work together to destroy Thaksin’s power.]

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The burning parties

From Manager, August 1, 2018
The men say: We are the same ideology
At left Red Shirt leader Nattawut’s shirt: Party of Burn Thai [playing on the name of Thaksin’s Phea Thai Party]
At right, on former Democrat Party’s member Nakorn Machim’s shirt: Burn Democrat
Caption: Finally, Machim meets his friends

[Refers to former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim who recently apologized to Thaksin and Yingluck for joining anti-Thaksin groups to destroy the influence of the deposed premier.
He disclosed a conspiratorial plan of anti-Thaksin groups to destroy Thaksin’s regime. Nakorn’s action is believed to pave his way to join the Phea Thai Party. The cartoonist calls the Phea Thai Party the “Burn Thai” party because Red Shirt leaders called on their supporters to burn the country in 2010 to protest the government.
This is compared to Nakorn’s recent actions by breaking with the anti-Thaksin Democrats and apologizing to Thaksin. This is thought of as if Nakorn is “burning” his former party.]

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Drag legs to show the people

From Thairath, July 31, 2018
Title: Drag legs to show the people
The man pulling the legs is Nakorn. He says: The united of feet to destroy people.
On the legs from above to below: Investors; Officials; Democrat Party; Comedian globalization [we are not quite sure what this means, literally it is something like “comedy + global”]; Independent organization; Elite bureaucrats [these are the groups Nakorn alleges have been working together to destroy Thaksin’s influence]
Mouse man: Conspire to bring down the government derived from people. [from elections]
Mouse: Such a loser.

[Refers to former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim who recently apologized to Thaksin and Yingluck for joining anti-Thaksin groups to destroy the influence of the deposed premier.
He disclosed a conspiratorial plan of anti-Thaksin groups to destroy Thaksin’s regime. Nakorn’s action is believed to pave his way to join the Phea Thai Party.]

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