Air Pano for Bangkok


Air Pano for Bangkok
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]

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Reduction in poverty in Thailand 1980-2010

[Perhaps surprisingly to many, the vast majority of poverty reduction in Thailand took place from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties. Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
World Bank: A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty

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More Thai-language editorial cartoons on Thai-U.S. relations

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Who is bothered by Article 44?


From Manager, April 2, 2015
On the phone: Mr. President, our Embassy here has already asked Thai people and no one worries with the Article 44 issued by PM Prayuth.
On Obama’s head: Article 44
Caption: In the whole world… there is only one person who worries about this.
[Article 44 raises concerns from human rights groups and the west because absolute power would be centralized in the head of the junta. The junta contends that most people have been unaffected by both martial law and Article 44 and that absolute power is only being applied to groups who have openly vowed to cause trouble for the junta.]


From Manager, April 5, 2015
Title: Economy… crazy economy by Ngao [name of the cartoon and the cartoonist]
Top left: Big Tu [Gen. Prayuth] ends martial law and issues Article 44 instead.
Top right: What! Ao!! [to express surprise]
Bottom left: Did we live our lives under martial law?
Bottom right: I didn’t realize it.
[Another cartoon contending most people never even realized martial law was in place.]

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Slap, Kiss, Slap, Kiss

From Manager, March 29, 2015
Above (left-right): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Below (left-right): Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Caption: Even Pisan is embarrassed.

[Refers the relationship between PM Prayuth and the media. He has been criticized for his aggressive and threatening behavior towards reporters.
The cartoon compares this relationship to films by the Thai famous director Pisan. His dramas always had a scene where the leading actress slaps the leading actor and then she is grabbed and kissed by him in return.]

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Prayuth: “I cannot use Article 44 to solve every problem” after pressed to solve EU concerns on fishing

Prayuth: Article 44 Not Enough to Tackle EU Sanctions – Khaosod, April 24, 2015
…Over the past few days, Thai government officials have told reporters that Gen. Prayuth will solve the issue by invoking Article 44 of the interim charter, which grants him essentially unchecked power to issue new laws.
…”I cannot use Article 44 to solve every problem,” Gen. Prayuth said in a videotaped speech that will air on Friday night. “I cannot use it to solve expensive lemons, or to solve the economy … Article 44 is for allowing military officers to do what they could not do in the past. Now they can help them [police]. That’s the point…”

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Even the Red Shirts agree that elections can be put off for two or three more years?

One day later: Poll delay proposal slammed – The Nation, April 25, 2015
…A source from the meeting on Thursday, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, told The Nation that a military officer kept repeating the same question to many key participants. The question was what they thought of a delay of the next general election, which is currently slated for early next year.
Siam University law lecturer Ekachai Chainuvati, who attended the meeting hosted by the NCPO’s Reconciliation Centre at the Army Club, is also opposed to a deferred roadmap to election and insisted that there was no consensus…

Redshirt Leader Calls for Delaying Election to Fix Charter – Khaosod, April 24, 2015
…do not long for an election that does not give power to the people. Because, in the 2015 constitution, apart from the background of Prime Ministers, MPs, and Senators, there are also 11 independent [watchdog agencies] that wield far more power than what was described in the 2007 constitution. The 2007 constitution has caused great damages, as is apparent in memories of the Thai people. But the 2015 constitution will be far more damaging…

Political foes will accept poll lag – Charter will ‘hamper national reconciliation’ – Bangkok Post, April 24, 2015
Leaders of Pheu Thai, Democrats, the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship and other political parties and groups were invited by military officers to a meeting of the regime’s Reconciliation Centre for Reform. They told the officers that even three more years of military rule would be preferable to “divisive” elections under the proposed constitution…

Parties not averse to poll delay – The Nation, April 24, 2015
…Worachai Hema, a red-shirt leader who is a politician of the Pheu Thai Party, said that representatives from the Pheu Thai and Democrat parties agreed that it was acceptable to them if the next general election were delayed but that the new constitution must be democratic.
“If the draft constitution is left unchanged, the political conflict will never end,” he said, adding that politicians from both parties wanted the new charter to address the issues of political conflict, reconciliation and democracy. He called for a public referendum on the constitution…

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The Fake G2G Scheme

NACC accuses former ministers of fabricating G2G rice scheme – The Nation, April 24, 2015
Claims of rice stockpiles being sold through government-to-government (G2G) scheme by the Yingluck Shinawatra administration were “total lies”, National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) member Vicha Mahakhun told members of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) yesterday.
The scheme, he said, played a key role in “one of the most scandalous corruption cases in Thai history”.
However, former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom said the allegations were part of a political game by the NACC, claiming the commission had chosen to single out and annihilate a political group by using “double standards”. He also accused the NACC of rushing the case through without taking into account important witnesses and evidence, which led to false conclusions…

Earlier: All About the Fake rice deal with China
Earlier: I bring some rice for you to eat…

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Songkran Cartoons 2015


From Arun, April 11, 2015
Top right corner: We shall organize another event ‘to ask for forgiveness from the ‘elder man’ who is about 80 years old.
Top left corner: Q-Kon, Arun Watcharasawat [the name of column and the cartoonist]
This year on Songkran, the senior academics will organize the event to ask for forgiveness from the student group called Daow Din. The event is called ‘the elder Rod Nam Dam Hua the youth’ with the aims to ask for the forgiveness from the youth because the elder academics can’t protect the young generation. So, they ask for forgiveness.
Man: Sorry, I can’t protect you, grandpa.

[This cartoon illustrates a Songkran ritual, ‘Rod Nam Dam Hua’ in which the young anoint the hands of their elders.
In the cartoon forgiveness is being asked of the Thai constitution represented by Democracy Monument. The idea is that the academics (always a potent force in Thai politics) are unable to halt the junta’s new constitution which they imply is a shame and a disgrace.
All of this refers to a controversial reversal of the Rod Nam Dam Hua ceremony this year in which academics anointed the hands of their students and asked for forgiveness because they cannot use their traditional influence to give them a good future (i.e. democracy).
The reversal of this ceremony is a potent symbol that caused great anger among traditionalists and anti-Thaksin groups. They contend that once again Thaksin is crossing revered taboos to further his cause–in this case contending that the issue of the constitution is simply about wanting democracy when in fact (they contend) all of this is caused by Thaksin’s own attempts, as little as a year ago, to amend and weaken the constitution’s checks and balances on party power and to pardon himself.]

From Naewna, April 12, 2015
A word close to PM Prayuth: Article 44
Caption: Songkran splendors
[Refers to Songkran festival in Thailand. In the cartoon, instead of pouring a water on people, PM Prayuth is an exorcist using blessed water (in the guise of Article 44’s absolute power) to exorcise the ghost of Thaksin.]


From Post Today, April 13, 2015
Title: Happy Songkran day
The man driving a car is PM Prayuth.
Three men on the Humvee (left-middle-right): Somkid Jatusripitak, Advisor to the NCPO,
Gen. Anupong Paocinda, Interior Minister, and Bowornsak Uwanno, Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee
A man holding the car door: Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Defense Minister and Deputy PM
A man with yellow shirt: Air Chief Marshal Prajin Jungtong, Transport Minister
A man on the plane: Thaksin Shinawatra
Who are the others in the cartoon?
The red crab is Former PM Yingluck whose nickname is “Poo” or “crab” in Thai.
Word under the red crab: Frangjai (name of cartoonist)
[The cartoon shows Junta’s government members playing Songkran. Democracy Monument is on the top of the Humvee illustrating the key mission of this government is to draft a new constitution.]

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Seven years ago: Fighting the People Power Party

From Matichon: People Power Party does what CNS did before
Thaksin party rush to amend two articles of the charter: Article 237 to prevent their party from being disbanded and Article 309 to allow Thaksin to escape corruption charges…

From Krungtep Turakit: The final struggle is yet to come
Rumors of coups and counter coups…

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Thai hairstyles of the past

(Source: Heinrich Damm)

Thai hairstyles – April 25, 2009
Thread about Thai hairstyles on this 2Bangkok Forum thread

(Source: Steve Suphan)

(Source: Steve Suphan)

(Source: Steve Suphan)

(Source: Steve Suphan)

(Source: Newspaper circa 1960s)

(Source: Steve Suphan)

(Source: Steve Suphan)

Above and right: Bangkok Post, November 10, 1968

Above: Bangkok Post, November 10, 1968


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How many times has Thaksin quit politics?

Above: April 4, 2006

Thaksin ‘ready to sacrifice family’ but… – The Nation, April 22, 2014
Yingluck says she is ready to quit politics if it’s the need of majority –, April 22, 2014
[These retirement statements are often couched in terms of elections and majorities. Note Yingluck’s “ready to quit politics if it’s the need of majority.” Since the ruling party has a clear majority in any terms, implicit in these statements is the idea that there is no need to step down. Thus, Yingluck is not actually offering to step down.]

Torch has passed on, says Thaksin – Bangkok Post, October 17, 2011
…”Yingluck [Shinawatra], the youngest sister of our family, is now the prime minister.
“It has passed my generation already, so my generation should not return to politics,” said Thaksin in a recent exclusive interview with the Bangkok Post in this Middle Eastern state.
He noted he was “misquoted” by some international news outlets that he would return to lead the country again…

[The international press largely ignores the retirement angle in this article and instead focuses on a more combative angle: Thaksin warns military to stay out of politics]

From Red Power, October, 2011
Cover: You don’t want to [be prime minister], but history will force being a leader upon you. Why Thaksin must return to be PM again?
Jakrapob Penkair opens his heart in writing to Lt-Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra: “The heart lies far from home.”
5 years – September 19 – Open your eyes – The problem is not Thaksin – It’s ..?
[This is meant to allude to someone who cannot be criticized openly. All of this is part of the build up to pressure the establishment to exonerate Thaksin.
The pro-Thaksin movement has been successful in the public mind in equating democracy with Thaksin and the return of Thaksin with the return of democracy. The message being conveyed over the past few years to his supporters is that Thaksin will be drafted back to the premiership by the people.]

An Interview with Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra – Time, March 6, 2009
…Last time you spoke with TIME in January 2007, you said you were finished with politics and that you would retire. What changed?
[My political opponents] have been bullying me politically nonstop since then. I already declared that I wanted to retire. I wanted to spend my life with my family. But they were bullying me. The rule of law is not there [in Thailand]. The democratic process is not there. That is too much. All of my supporters urged me: ‘you have to come and fight back politically.’ They want [Thailand] to come back to a mature democracy…

Ousted Thai leader confirms his return on Feb 28 but forgo politics – TNA, February 27, 2008
Deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra confirmed on Wednesday his return to Thailand on Thursday morning from self-imposed exile overseas to fight his corruption charges, but that he would stay out of politics…

Transcript: Thaksin Shinawatra – FT, June 21, 2007
…FT: Am I right in saying that you said after September that you had retired from Thai politics?
TS: Yes, yes.
FT: And is that still the case?
TS: Yes, yes. I retire already, completely. Even they are not sure I am retired, they ban me from politics for five years. So don’t worry, I am retired already. Now I find myself a job as a chairman. [Laughter].
FT: So you obviously have a desire to return, but you want to return as a private citizen?
TS: As a private citizen under a democracy…

“I’m Calling It Quits” – Time, February 1, 2007
…Will you return to politics?
Right after I was ousted by the coup, I had mixed feelings. The negative feeling was that this was unfortunate for Thailand and its democracy, that the confidence I tried very hard to restore after the 1997 financial crisis would be lost. The positive part was, oh, I can retire now, I can have time for myself, for my family, I can meet friends and relax. Life is not that long, so if you can bring some happiness to yourself and your family, that’s good … I’m quite confident that if I ran [for election] today, I would win, [but] I have no political ambitions. I am calling it quits…

Deposed Thai PM Thaksin quits politics – lawyer – Reuters, January 10, 2007
…The announcement by lawyer Noppadon Patama came just hours after coup leaders summoned radio and television broadcasters, all of whom have to rent air time from the government, not to carry any statements from Thaksin…

I will not accept post of premier in the next government : Thaksin – The Nation, April 4, 2006

Thai premier to take “political break” – Reuters, April 4, 2006
[This incident in 2006 is more a case of the local press printing wildly inaccurate headlines. In this instance, Thaksin has not resigned, but simply pledged not to be PM in the next government. On the Bangkok Post website on April 4, 2006: The headline was “Thaksin: Why should I resign?” and directly to the right was the breaking news article entitled “THAKSIN RESIGNS.”]

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Early Thai Media Censorship

100 FIRSTS: The media lose freedomThe Nation, December 26, 2004
…In the 1940s, it was common for editorial and printing-house staff to be kicked and punched by a squad of uniformed men invading their premises, and for their presses and other equipment to be destroyed…

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Genie Crushes the Democrats


From Arun, April 9, 2015
Top right corner: Democrat warns ‘Big Tu’ not to stay a power following the fortune-teller’s prediction.
Top-left corner: Q-Kon, Arun Watcharasawat [the name of column and the cartoonist]
Title: Aladdin and genie in the lamp.
[The cartoon illustrates Democrat Party’s leader Abhisit warning to PM Prayuth not to follow the fortune-teller’s prediction that he would stay in power several years longer. Before the junta government seized power, the Democrat Party cooperated with anti-government groups who used a whistle as their symbol to overthrow the Yingluck’s government.
The whistle was meant to “call forth” the military to take action just like rubbing the lamp was meant to call forth a genie. Now that the military is calling the shots, the Democrats perhaps are not satisfied with what they conjured up.]

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Stop the railway transport department


Banner on the left: Railway people join hands against the establishment of a railway transport department.
Stop! The Act of transport management year… [meaning it will be opposed any year it will be set up]

[This refers to the attempt to establish a railway transport department by 2016 in order to expand the railway network nationwide. To set up the new department, the government will issue an act.
Thai railways have been hampered by bureaucratic inertia, its worker associations packed with non-railway workers for political purposes, and its assets strangled by mass encroachment by railway workers and others on railway lands.
Coupled with unwillingness to break up this old bureaucracy, Thai railways have fallen fall behind world standards in maintenance and improvements while racking up staggering debts.
The junta, using their present absolute powers, is attempting to finally make headway to fix Thai railways to create a fresh organization free of strident worker demands and crushing debt to finally get various high speed rail and double-tracking improvements underway.]

A sign on the far right: Wichianburi grilled chicken [Meanwhile, Wichianburi is a district where is a famous on a grilled chicken. In this picture, there are many street grilled chicken which sell is Wichianburi grilled chicken.]

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13 years ago: Thaksin’s airplane blown up and Chalerm’s drunken fighting sons

Thaksin’s airplane blown up and Chalerm’s drunken fighting sons

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German Election Standard


From Arun, March 26, 2015
Title: German model, Solution to the Thai election system
[Refers to the explanation from the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) that they are studying the German constitution for an example for the new Thai system. This system favors smaller parties and prevents a single party from exercising complete control. The junta is thought to be favoring this system to prevent another Thaksin-directed party from winning a majority and pushing fro amnesty again.
The cartoonist, using a play on the American Standard urinals often seen in Thailand, contends that the German-style constitution may not suitable for Thailand.]

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Learning from Hitler’s Constitution


From Manager, March 24, 2015
Soldier: Dear Fuhrer, those people took a time machine back to learn about our draft constitution.
The men in the suits on the left is are NLA members led by Mr. Borwornsak Uwanno.
Caption: German model? It may be from this era.

[The National Legislative Assembly led by Mr. Borwornsak Uwanno made an official visit to Germany to discuss and exchange views about the German constitution in order to seek the most suitable solution for drafting Thailand’s new charter.
The current “German model” constitution that favors smaller parties is thought to be favored because it would make it more difficult for Thaksin to gain another absolute majority in his attempt to rewrite the constitution and create a pardon for himself.
Here, the joke is that the new Thai constitution may instead draw from Hitler’s time to allow a dictator to hold power and keep democracy at bay.
The Manager Group (publisher of this cartoon) once again shows it intends to critique (and attack) those in power whether they be the Pheu Thai, the Democrats, or the military.]

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The new constitution is a crisis


From Thairath, March 24, 2015
Title: Planting the lime tree… isn’t it easier, uncle?
On the plant with teeth: New crisis for the country
Words on the sign at right: Uncle Tu’s lime tree [Tu is the nickname of Gen. Prayuth]
Phi Nooring: Plant the devil tree
Mouse: The constitution has a problem.
[The cartoon mocks PM Prayuth’s statement encouraging people to plant lime trees in order to solve the high prices of limes.
The face of Borwornsak Uwanno, head of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) is on the plant. This cartoon is foreshadowing the likely next area of conflict for the Red Shirts–that the new constitution represents a crisis for the country and must be resisted by any means.]

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Remembering the Thaksin Years: 2003, Not Afraid to Die

From Thairath, April 20, 2003
Title: Take the same side with the people… not afraid to die
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is surrounding by the people holding signs that read: poor farmer, poor people, government projects, must receive it, people’s support
At right opposition leader Chuan Leekpai and others hold items that read: debating the government, foreign capital, media, suing the government for compensation

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The constitution will be how I want it!

From Manager, March 26, 2015
On the sign: Labor room for the constitution
Gen. Prayuth: If the baby is not like what I want… I will kill it.
Caption: A cruel daddy.
[The new draft constitution has been criticized for being written according to the junta’s specifications.]

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The Downfall of Tharit the Chameleon

Above: From Manager, December 12, 2012
DSI Chief Tharit and a prostitute–the similarity and difference between two careers…

News that former DSI chief Tharit has had his assets seized (NACC seizes assets of ex-DSI chief and Tarit confident he can defend assets) may signal the end of the career of one of the most openly opportunistic functionaries in recent Thai political history.

One of the saddest tales of the post 1997 constitution period was the fate of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). It was conceived as independent organization to get around the Royal Thai Police’s institutionalized corruption that strangled the fair filing of cases and decisions about what would be investigated as a crime. Thaksin’s era as prime minister demonstrated how the control of the police force by a family member of other crony was key to wielding power without legal repercussions.

Tharit Pengdit, as director of the Department Special Investigation, remains a symbol of how the political rot of politics ate away at hopes that any Thai organization could remain impartial.

Tharit is known for dramatically changing according to the political wind-–aggressively bringing cases against the Red Shirts during one government and then dropping them to go after Democrat Party leaders in another. He even personally cleared Thaksin’s hand-picked candidate for Bangkok Governor in an unusual Sunday press conference.

In most cases the charges brought by the DSI were timed for political leverage. For instance, the opposition was obliquely warned in 2012 that they risked being charged as revenge for blocking Thaksin amnesty. After refusing to lift their objections, Democrat Party leaders were harried with charge after charge including long-dormant questions about Abhisit’s nationality. This was a signal to all that a sitting government could still use investigations and criminal charges–-just as Thaksin was renowned for doing–-to influence and punish its enemies.

Tharit was an easy target for cartoonists and was often referenced in Thai-language political cartoons:

2014: Tharit the Chameleon
2013: Kick the Pig into the Poodle’s Mouth
2013: Thanks, Tharit…
2013: Chalerm’s Rolls Royce
2013: DSI Clears the Pheu Thai Candidate
2012: It is All a Conspiracy
2012: The Difference Between the DSI Chief and a Prostitute
2010: Tharit vs Jatuporn
2010: Tharit shoots his Mouth Off About Cambodia

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Exposé on working at the Bangkok Post

UPDATE: Bangkok Post rebuts CJR falsehoods – Bangkok Post, April 17, 2015
…Heifetz, 28, presents himself as a courageous reporter battling the military and under constant threat, while failing to get support from unsympathetic editors and management. He thematically argues that this constant stress and harassment led to his “trauma” and flight from Bangkok.
Nothing could be further from the truth…

The original article: Pork, bullets, and the dismal state of journalism in Thailand –, April 15, 2015
…Being the only non-national reporter in a newsroom like the Post’s is terrifying. It creates friction with Western copy editors who want bylines and invites animosity from Thai reporters covering the same scoops for a fraction of the salary. And upper management expects you to catch controversial stories, just like foreign correspondents for wires or big international media organizations. But you’re without any legal protection because you’re illegal. You’re disposable, expendable, a one-man team, and you’ll never forget it.
…Fry wrote in 2011 that she was infuriated that nothing had changed. The government official who had plagiarized his dissertation kept his job, and the Post still pretended to stand by its reporters. All these years later, I watch with frustration as the words of the military regime are reported without a filter on the front page of the Post—and Morison and Chutima prepare, again, for court in July.

The initial Post response: Bangkok Post statement – Bangkok Post, April 16, 2015
…What amazes us is that the editors of the CJR did not make any effort to contact us to verify this story. To obtain comment, they instead relied solely on the writer, who was going to write a story against this newspaper.
If this is the standard to which the CJR adheres, then I believe the CJR’s Board of Overseers needs to be made aware of the dismal state of how the CJR operates. The CJR should retract this story and issue an official apology to the Bangkok Post, Mr Heifetz’s former colleagues at the newspaper and indeed, to the Thai media, many of whom do in fact take considerable risk in the performance of their professional duties…

Also: Thailand: Drop Charges Against Phuket Journalists
…“The Phuketwan journalists are among the few who are still regularly reporting on the pervasive human trafficking of Rohingya in Thailand…”

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Eight Years Ago: Thaksin Populist Schemes In Trouble

Thai Rak Thai’s farming projects ‘struggling’

Thaksin’s pet project scrutinized

Fiscal policy may end Thai ‘chaos’

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Red Shirt Rambo


From Chuwit, March, 2015 [Since the coup, political gadfly Chuwit Kamolvisit has been using Photoshop to create humorous graphics about the political situation. Many of these have become memes widely circulated in Thai-language social media.]
Above: Arisaman said, “fight for democracy, sometimes it may hurt.”
Excuse me, “democracy” is not invading a hotel and stopping a meeting.
Using majority rule rather than respecting the national law. Claiming it as “democracy.”
It’s different.
[Refers to Arisaman Pongruangrong, know as the Red Shirt “Rambo,” who personally led several of the movement’s most famous events such as the raid on the ASEAN Summit in Pattaya in 2009 that led to the emergency evacuation of world leaders from the venue.]

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40 Years Ago: The Fall of Phnom Penh

(Source: Bangkok World, April 17, 1975)

The Fall of Phnom Penh

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Thaksin tells Suthep to stop lying about Samui bombing

Thaksin tells Phra Suthep to stop lying – Thai PBS, April 15, 2015
…Phra Suthep allegedly said at a merit-making ceremony at Wat Railarng temple in Sawi district of Chumphon on April 13 that the unrest situation was believed to link to the former regime which had lost its power.
Phra Suthep was reported to urge people to be prepared and rise against the attempt.
In another tweet, Thaksin wrote “To Phra Suthep, I have stopped long ago, but you still won’t. You said you have ordained in monkhood for nine months now. So don’t just only wear the yellow robe and shave your hair. Get your heart to ordain because you always lie. Or you think wearing yellow robe could stop lying, we know each other pretty well, OK.”

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Triumph of the Five Rivers


From Thairath, March 19, 2015
Title: Three-sided bombers
On the constitution: Success of power, 5 rivers [The constitution is criticized as the success of the groups representing old powers known as the “five rivers”–the Constitution Drafting Committee, the National Legislative Assembly, the National Reform Council, the cabinet, and the junta.]
Near PM Prayuth’s bomb: Stop the draft constitution
On the man’s jacket: Politicians
On bomb held by politician: No constitution
Phi Nooring: Facing both thrown and time-bombs.
Mouse: No respect and no peace [a frequent Red Shirt threat–something like “without justice there will be no peace”]
[Refers to the new constitution. The cartoon shows that there are many groups trying to stall the new constitution. If it is enacted, the constitution will be a bomb as it will unleash the fury of the Red Shirts who will find their leader Thaksin permanently disadvantaged by the new charter.]

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14 years ago: Thaksin’s strange start as prime minister – Mania over the discovery of a gold hoard

14 years ago: Thaksin’s strange start as prime minister – Mania over the discovery of a gold hoard

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“Part of a Songkran Procession, Bangkok”

Songkran Procession (1)

From an undated postcard: “Part of a Songkran Procession, Bangkok”
So, what is this custom and when does it date from???

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