Myanmar goats

From Manager, October 7, 2014
Left: Now it is difficult to find Thai laborers… so I have to hire Myanmar laborers instead. [This is the claim of many Thai factory owners who need labor for strenuous or dirty jobs.]
Right: Now it is difficult to find Thai goats… so I have to catch Myanmar goats instead.
[Refers to the case of the Koh Tao murders. Although the police charged two migrant workers from Myanmar with the murder of the two British tourists, the case quickly fell apart under media scrutiny and charges that the migrants were scapegoats.]

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Is it a populist program?

From Manager, October 6, 2014
Farmers: We insist that to Ui’s policy to give money to us is not a populist policy because it only gives us a thousand baht per rai! We don’t like it! [A rai is a Thai unit of area, equal to 1,600 square metres.]
Caption: A confirmation from those farmers… may help Ui.

[Refers to the government policy to provide a supporting fund of 1,000 baht per rai to rice farmers in order to help the farmers survive as the price of rice decreases. Deputy Prime Minister M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, whose nickname is Ui, insists that this policy is not a populist like the previous government's rice pledging scheme. Instead, it is part of the government’s economic stimulus plan with the aim to help rice farmers who have lower incomes.
Of course, observers scoff at this fine distinction of claiming the free money is not the same as a populist program. The cartoonist notes the howls of protest from rice farmers, used to getting much more free cash from governments, as humorously supporting the present government's claim that a paltry 1000 baht per rai does not quality as a populist program.]

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If elected politicians are dismissed, the Red Shirts won’t help them

From Manager, October 5, 2014
Former Pheu Thai MP Worachai Hema: NCPO, if you dismiss us… I will call for a protest to fight your martial law!
Signs held by other Red-Shirt leaders behind (L-R): I’m not involved with him for so long.; We’re not the same group. He’s crazy!; I don’t know and I’m not involved with him.; I don’t know about this.; I’m not involved. I’m not involved with him.; I don’t know and I’m not involved.

[Worachai Hema, a Red Shirt leader and a former MP from the Pheu Thai Party, threatened that if the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is given the power to dismiss elected MPs, he will call out the Red Shirts to protest the junta despite the continuing martial law. The Red Shirts quickly distanced themselves from the threat, leaving Worachai embarrassed and isolated.]

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5 Years Ago: Red Publications – October 2009
5 ปีที่แล้ว : สิ่งตีพิมพ์ของกลุ่มเสื้อแดง – ตุลาคม 2552

5 Years Ago: Red Publications – October 2009

[Interesting month for Red Shirt publications as all the propaganda themes of the movement are fully formed: telling Privy Councillor Prem to go to hell, praising Cambodia's Hun Sen, pressuring the monarchy for a "peaceful revolution," equating Thaksin's return to a return of democracy, cursing opponents with blood, portraying Abhisit as a Nazi, and having the right to fight when disenfranchised.]

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The person who destroys the sand castle


From Thairath, October 2, 2014
Title: The person who destroys the sand castle
Girl: You lie to me!
Phi Nooring: Who said he would harmonize?
On the hand representing the military: Reform Thailand
On the man’s suit: NRC, 40 senators
On the man’s trousers: PDRC [People's Democratic Reform Committee]
On the sand castle: Harmony
Mouse: Return the happiness to 40 senators and the PDRC [This ridicules PM Prayuth's slogan that he will "return happiness to the people."]

[The cartoon refers to the selection of members of the National Reform Council (NRC). The members of the NRC are expected to be people who have a good relationship with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO, the military junta) and not be really representative of the various groups in the country.
The cartoonist means that the reform council will only create laws to make things better for those who tried to overthrow the previous government (like the People's Democratic Reform Committee).]

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Bangkok may have one of the tallest buildings in the world by 2019


Tallest skyscraper in Asean planned for Bangkok – Bangkok Post, October 15, 2014
…The 18-billion-baht 615-metre “Rama IX Super Tower” is set for completion by 2019 on 73 rai of land in the Grand Rama 9 mixed-use development site near the intersection of Ratchadapisek Road, the company, known as G Land, said at a press conference…

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Who is stronger? Prem or Prawit?

From Manager, October 2, 2014
Gen. Prawit: The size of our feet may be the same.
Caption: On that day, there is a person who is keen on knowing the size of Pa Prem’s feet.

[Refers to Thai proverb "to measure the feet" meaning to compete with people who have more power. Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, a senior officer to PM Prayuth, was appointed to be the Deputy PM and Defence Minister--both formidable positions. Gen. Prawit is believed to be one of the most powerful people in both politics and the army. In the cartoon, he is comparing his power with Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda, known as Pa Prem.]

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Return happiness to the Dragon


From Thairath, October 1, 2014
Caption: Return happiness to the Dragon.
Phi Nooring: We don’t want the chief executive to be nominated by China.
A mouse: Return democracy
[Refers to the protests in Hong Kong. People have been protesting and calling for free elections in 2017 that do not require candidates to be vetted by the ruling party in Beijing.
"Return happiness to the people" is a frequent refrain from PM Prayuth. The cartoonist often uses the phrase to call on the military to "Return democracy or justice to the people" of Thailand.
It is notable that a pro-Red Shirt cartoonist to be siding with anti-Beijing demonstrators as it is widely rumored that Thaksin has ordered Red Shirts not to openly side with the protestors for fear of offending Beijing.]

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October 14, 1973

Today is the anniversary of the 1973 democracy movement that overthrew the “Three Tyrants:” Thanom, Praphas, and Narong

First stirrings of a passive population: …The salary of the Prime Minister at that time was Bt120,000 and the population was 39 million. Local newspapers still referred to Thais of Chinese ancestry as Khon Chine, while Thailand was trying to resume diplomatic relations with Red China after US President Nixon decided to befriend the Maoist state…

The news from 30 years ago: …A Daily News columnist pen-named Nui Bangkokthian suggested that Thais might conclude after the regime had taken this action that: “Students are still young and it’s better that they not meddle in politics. They should let adults handle it while they concentrate on their studies so they will have secure jobs afterward. And that should be it…”

More links:
Daily News, October 14, 1974

The 14 October 1973 Memorial – Lest we forget

Time: A One-Day Revolution Topples a Dictator

October 1973 Videos on YouTube

The “Three Tyrants” finally tell their side of the story

Absolute power in 1973: …If you broke the law back in 1973, you risked having the prime minister on your case – personally judging and sentencing you, as four military conscription officers discovered to their cost…

2003: Crystal torch damage seen as bad omen

2003: Government to officially recognize democracy uprising of Oct 14

2010: At the October 14 Monument

2010: “There were dead on 14 October 1973″ and “There were dead on 10 April 2010″ The 1973 memorial is at Kokwua intersection where a gun and grenade battle broke out between Red Shirts and soldiers in 2010

Kris Srivara: …Narong personally shot into the crowds from a helicopter. Thanom and Praphas resigned from their political roles, but continued to lead the military. They ordered more troops to confront the remaining demonstrators, but were blocked by Krit…

An editorial cartoon from 2013: Thai people 40 years ago would not understand Thai people nowadays

Earlier this month: October 6, 1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
Earlier this month: October 6, 1976 Student Massacre Remembered in ‘Politics-free’ Commemoration

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Remembering U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney

Continue reading

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First KFC coming to Myanmar

Yum! Brands & Yoma Strategic to Bring First KFC to Myanmar –, October 13, 2014
…”Bringing KFC to Myanmar is an important step to achieving Yoma Strategic’s goal in being a key player in the country’s food and beverage sector,” Mr. Serge Pun, executive chairman of Yoma Strategic, said in the comany’s statement to the Singapore Exchange…

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Chalerm denies he has died

I’m still alive, says Chalerm – Bangkok Post, October 13, 2014
Former deputy prime minister Chalerm Yubamrung Sunday dismissed social media rumours claiming he had died from cancer of the larynx.
Mr Chalerm told reporters he is “in perfect health” because he has started a daily regime of physical exercise.
Rumours about the alleged death of the controversial politician have been doing the rounds on the social media for several months…

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Chalerm Adopts Yingluck
Chalerm’s Angels
Chalerm denies warning about bomb attacks
Chalerm and Prasong Soonsiri
More on Chalerm and Prasong
Chalerm’s attack on NACC unwarranted

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10 years ago: Lengthy prison sentences for those who criticize Thaksin’s company

10 years ago: Trying to create a legal precedent–lengthy prison sentences for those who criticize Thaksin’s company

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Plans for trans-Asian highway from India to Thailand

Roadmap to Bangkok to be ready in ’17 – Guwahati (The Asian Age), October 10 2014
The idea of driving down to Bangkok in a car or bus from any North Eastern State may become reality by 2017, with India signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Myanmar on opening four-lane motorways to promote trade and tourism from the North Eastern States into that country, and on to Thailand, and eventually Cambodia and Vietnam as well…

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This sounds like Bangkok in the early 1990s: Urban decay cools hot Philippine economy

Urban decay cools hot Philippine economy – AFP, October 12, 2014
…Galang spends three hours commuting to work every day, half of which is spent in queues.
For other commuters on buses or in cars, daily gridlock worsens to a complete standstill that can trap people for hours when even small rain storms trigger flash floods…

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Thailand is the champion of alcohol consumption in ASEAN


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Old politicians joining the NRC

From Manager, September 30, 2014
Newin: Dad, good news. Khun Pom will invite you to be the head of the NRC.
A sign on the grave: Chai Chidchob
A sign on the grave behind: Teng
A sign on the gate: A grave of the old politicians
Caption: Do we need to dig them from the grave?

[Refers to Gen. Prawit’s connections in Prime Minister Prayuth’s government. Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, whose nickname is "Pom," is regarded by PM Prayuth as a respected senior figure and was appointed to be Deputy PM and Defence Minister. He has close relations with many "old" politicians of the 1980s and 1990s--particularly Chai Chidchob and his son Newin and also Banharn Silpa-archa, the former PM whose nickname is "Teng." These politicians or their proxies are expected to be in the National Reform Council (NRC).
The cartoonist laments that these old-school politicians, who had been sidelined by Thaksin dominance, are being resurrected for a supposedly reform government.]

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U.S. diplomatic drift and Thailand

US, Thai officials planning Cobra Gold exercise despite May coup – Stars and Stripes, October 10, 2014
The United States and Thailand will scale down next year’s Cobra Gold military exercise because of the rift in relations that followed Thailand’s military coup earlier this year.
“In light of the current political situation, the U.S. government has reduced the scale of the exercise and increased its focus on non-lethal activities, such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok said in a statement Friday…

[Those who support the junta's move to create permanent military oversight over civilian politics can feel lucky the coup occurred during a U.S. administration that is not much interested in foreign policy. Other than this statement from the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, the U.S. has seemed little interested in exerting any real pressure on Thailand.

U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney has perhaps been sending messages of her own with highly publicized visits to Red Shirt groups and media outlets like Prachathai. These visits have been roundly ridiculed in Thai social media by those who support the coup.

With Kenney now returning to the U.S., Thailand will be without a U.S. ambassador for the foreseeable future and this will further underscore to the generals that the U.S. is disinterested in Thai politics. It means disappointment for dissidents who dreamed that other nations would be interested in putting pressure on the junta.

Meanwhile, China is moving fast to improve relations with Thailand. The U.S.'s status as a superpower that can project its power is based on good relations with nations that allow military bases or ports of call. Thus it is critical for China to cultivate good relations with other nations--not just engage in nationalistic bullying over disputed territory.

As Thailand is one of the few nations in the region that has no land claims or boundary disputes with China, it makes the nation an inviting possible partner for China. This may be a quixotic notion given Thailand's long history as a U.S. ally, but China is certainly going to try to capitalize on the U.S.'s foreign policy drift in the region.] Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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Throw the podium again


From Thairath, September 29, 2014
Left, PM Prayuth says: I’m not gonna throw all the money for populist policies which will cause the Ministry of Finance to run out of money as in the past.
Middle: But I can throw something else that will not cause the Ministry of Finance to be in trouble.
Reporter: What are you going to throw, sir?
Right: Throw the podium.
[Refers to Prayuth’s interview saying he might throw the podium at the reporter when he was asked whether he was happy to be a PM installed by means of a coup d’état. In the cartoon, it plays with the Thai word "toom" meaning "throwing."]

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Ordered to wear hats


From Thairath, September 29, 2014
Title: Ordered to wear hats
On two men’s coats: NLA
On the paper held on the left: Constitution
On the paper held on the right: Reform the country?
On a paper hold by the smaller man at right: Freedom
Phi Nooring: It’s trendy [to wear these box hats].
A mouse: Return a democracy

[This cartoon illustrates that the role of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is not independent, but donimated by the National Council of Peace and Order (NCPO, the junta) led by PM Prayuth. The hands holding the cages refers to the NCPO.
The man at far right is Sugree Charoensuk, a dean of the College of Music of Mahidol University. He wore the box on to protest Dr. Rajata Rajatanavin for holding both the university’s rector position and a government minister's post at the same time. His protest comes from Thai proverb "covering the head with a box." It means that you should cover your head with the box if you have done something very shameful.]

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Six Years Ago: Bloody October
วันนี้เมื่อ 6 ปีที่แล้ว : โศกนาฏกรรมเดือนตุลาคม

Six Years Ago: Bloody October

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Throw the podium at the reporter

From Manager, September 24, 2014
A reporter on the left: Oh!… You’re so funny.
A reporter close to a podium: Yes! You’ve a sense of humor.
A reporter on the right: Oh… You said you’d throw a podium and then you did it. So awesome.
Caption: At present, if he throws it… no one will complain.
[Refers to Prayuth saying he would "throw the podium at the reporter" when he was asked whether he was happy to be the PM installed by means of a coup d’état. This attitude reflects both the paternalistic and dominant attitude Thai "big men" have towards women as well as the still fawning attitude of the press towards the strong-man PM.]

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1976 Student Massacre Remembered in ‘Politics-free’ Commemoration

Above: From 2006: Melding imagery from the October 6 events with present-day fears. The banner reads: Globalization, transfer assets to capital, FTA, populist policies, freedom capitalism world

FT: Thai student massacre remembered

1976 Student Massacre Remembered in ‘Politics-free’ Commemoration

Student Activist Decries University’s ‘Silencing’ of 1976 Massacre

More: 1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning

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Advice from the Tourist Police: Prostitution is a serious crime in Thailand



Above: Some of the surprising information from the Tourist Police LINE app (which usually dispenses information in the Thai language only). Continue reading

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1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
1976 ฝันร้ายของการลงประชาทัณฑ์ และ เผาทั้งเป็น

THAILAND: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning – Time, Oct. 18, 1976 Continue reading

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11 Years Ago Today: Shinawatra grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership
วันนี้เมื่อ 11 ปีที่แล้ว: ชินวัตรเตรียมตัวที่จะเป็นผู้นำแห่งเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้

11 Years Ago Today: Shinawatra grooming himself for south-east Asia leadership

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Microphone or bomb detector

From Komchadluek, September 11, 2014
Left: Why is a soldier still holding a GT200?
Right: No! The soldier is holding the Government House’s microphone?
[Refers to the microphone controversy. The new government led by Gen. Prayuth has been criticized for the procurement of a supposedly overpriced audio-microphone system. This raises concerns that the military government that procured and defended the fraud GT200 bomb detectors will continue its follish and corrupt activities now that it runs the government.]

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Still More Falling in Thailand

Irishman killed in Thailand balcony fall ‘was trying to get into friend’s apartment without disturbing neighbours’ – inquest

British Man fall to his death at Pattaya Hilton Hotel

Swedish man falls to death in Phuket

Northern Ireland student killed after plunging through the roof of Thai shopping complex

British Man falls from balcony of 2nd floor Pattaya Nightclub

Police files checked on death of Australian in Thailand

Polish girl dies in city hotel fall

Tata Motors MD falls from Bangkok hotel

From Not the Nation: Non-Naked, Non-German, Non-Sex Tourist Plunges From Hotel

Mistress falls to death in Bangkok

3 Aussies fall from balcony in Phuket

Earlier: More Falling in Thailand

Earlier: Falling in Thailand

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Social manners, the important things we should teach kids nowadays


From an image circulated on social media:
Title: Social manners, the important things we should teach kids nowadays
No matter how the eras have changed, valuable “manners” shall be preserved, especially towards senior people. Be it father, mother, relatives and teachers, younger people should behave properly.
1. Love and respect senior people
2. Don’t gossip
3. Pay attention when they teach us
4. Speak nicely with sentence-end word [meaning to use the Thai end ofs sentence words "krub" or "kha" when completing a statement]
5. Behave properly
6. Don’t interrupt when senior people are talking
7. Be helpful
8. Be grateful

Earlier: Thai Social Etiquette

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The same killing tools


From Thairath, September 11, 2014
Title: The same killing tools
On the judge: Hastening
On book held by judge: Thai Dictionary
On man being hit (the man is supposed to be former premiere Samak): “Tasting, Grumbling” [name of a TV show Samak hosted]
On shirt of man in the front: NACC
On a book held by him: TDRI research study
On a paper held by Yingluck: Rice pledging scheme
Book in a toilet: Law
On paper in the toilet: Justice
Phi Nooring: The same schools.
A mouse: Reform the justice system
[The cartoon compares the case of the former PM Samak Sundaravej and former PM Yingluck Shinawatra. Both were dismissed from the post due to legal rulings.
Samak resigned after the court ruled that he had breached the constitution by working as a host of TV shows, including ‘Tasting, Grumbling,’ after he took the office. There were a number of other factors involved including Samak lying about the actual remuneration--he said he received nothing but travel expenses, but earlier admitted he received 80,000 baht per month--and also lying about the programs being pre-recorded before he assumed the premiership.
Some felt that the ruling against Samak was too harsh. Later, one of the judges admitted that there were some mistakes in their decision because they had to quickly rule on the case.
Yingluck was removed from her post for the unconstitutional transfer of a government official as part of a reshuffle to allow a Thaksin relative to control the Royal Thai Police. At present, investigations are ongoing concerning her cupability in the rice-pledging scheme.
This cartoon reflects a frequent demand of the Red Shirts--that the judicial system and other unelected checks be constitutional weakened so it cannot act against--in effect disband--an elected government.]

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