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Father watches and worries from above


From Manager, Ocotober 19, 2016
There are eyes, father looks, from the sky
Father watches here with worry
People on the ground, continue, training their heart
To be free from sorrow as Father wishes
By Surawit Weerawan

[This is a poem composed by Suwawit Weerawan about the passing of the King. The poem implies that even if Rama 9 is not here with us anymore, he still looks at us from above wishing us to have a happy and better life.]

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Who will discredit the government?

From Manager, October 6, 2016
Left, Thaksin: I don’t need to pay you to discredit this current government anymore… because there are some people do that for free.
Red shirts: Who?
Right, Thaksin: These two.
Thaksin points at Prawit Wongsuwan [the deputy PM, actually the most powerful figure in the government, who has come under fire for a trip to Hawaii on a chartered Thai Airways plane] and Preecha Chan-o-cha [the prime minister’s brother who is embroiled in corruption allegations]

[This refers to the belief that Red Shirt leaders act only as paid agitators for Thaksin. However, this time around, the cartoonist jokes that figures in the junta are discrediting the government by their corrupt activities.]

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Thailand’s democracy: good enough for Americans to imitate


From Manager, October 10, 2016
Trump and Hilary: We’ve learned how to run for an election from Thai politicians.
Caption: Thailand’s democracy: good enough for Americans to imitate.

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Reel struggle: unearthing Thai cinema’s lost classics

Reel struggle: unearthing Thai cinema’s lost classics –, October 18, 2016
…The Thai Film Archive was founded in 1984, and initially focused solely on salvaging and storing film in an effort to make up for lost time. But for many films, especially those shot on cellulose nitrate stock, which is both unstable and highly flammable, it was a case of too little, too late. The archive’s founder, Dome Sukwong, estimated that only 1% of pre-WWII films survived, namely Pridi Phanomyong’s nationalistic 1941 epic The King of the White Elephant, and a one-minute car chase scene from Thailand’s first feature film, 1927’s Chok Song Chan (Double Luck)…

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On Thailand’s Late King and the Power of Goodness

On Thailand’s Late King and the Power of Goodness – October 24, 2016
…Even more deeply, though, the attitude of the media reflects something seriously awry in our culture: the inability to believe that a person in power can be earnestly good. Even the ideas of earnestness and goodness are treated with irony as things to be framed with quotation marks. This lack of trust in the power and possibility of goodness has had a corrosive effect on our own ability to do good. Instead of looking down on Thailand, perhaps we should look up to her late King for an example of how goodness can bring stability and peace to the people of the world.

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Uncle Sam and the leftists


From Manager, October 9, 2016
Uncle Sam at left: Those University students are Chinese and Russian communists… you must handle them.
Left caption: Role of American on 6 October 1976.
Uncle Sam at right: Those soldiers are Chinese and Russian communists… you must go against them.
Right caption: Role of American today.
Sign: Thamasart University.

[This illustrates that idea that, as a pawn in the Indochinese conflict in the 1960s and 1970s, Thailand was urged by major powers like the Americans to crack down on the increasingly leftist and revolutionary activity of the Thai public in the years after the 1973 revolution. Thai culminated in a decisive right-wing crackdown on Thailand’s leftists on October 6, 1976.
The cartoonist contends this is a contrast to today, when U.S. policy seems to be friendly towards republican Red Shirts who oppose the military that the U.S. once sided with.]

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Love for the Monarchy: They Said We Were Brainwashed

They Said We Were Brainwashed –, October 21, 2016
…If you don’t understand the concept of how losing our beloved King could be so painful, at least, I believe, you would be able to understand the pain of losing someone you genuinely love and respect; Can you?
It’s not too difficult, is it?
Your life will carry on as usual, even when you don’t talk about us. But our lives… our lives have changed and our hearts brokened.
Let us grieve, let us mourn, and let us do what we want to do. Stop attacking us, at least not at this time of mourning. Be respectful to this great loss.

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Thailand’s Unique Monarchy

King Bhumibol of Thailand’s real legacy: remarkable political legitimacy – Washington Post, October 22, 2016
…For political scientists, classifying the Thai political order has long proved difficult — above all because the king’s unique role defies orthodox interpretation. The deeply personal, even enchanted, reverence for the Thai king and his role in the country are alien to Western ways of understanding politics. The ordinary focus on interests and institutions has little place for a charisma of goodness, tradition and semi-divinity that can wield real political power…

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Every shirt color blends

From Thairath, October 21, 2016
Left: This moment is the saddest moment of Thai people for mourning…
Middle: …but there is still a little joy behind this.
What joy you’re talking about?
Right: Now every color of shirts blended to black color. (Khun Rungrote, Korat sent) [meaning that person sent the idea for this cartoon]

[This refers to the mourning for the departed monarch. The cartoonist notes that all Thais, regardless of their Red Shirt or Yellow Shirt political affiliation, have put on black shirts as a sign of mourning.]

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From Thairath, October 14, 2016
Title: Farewell in returning to the heaven. Sincerely.
On the sign: We love the King


From Daily News, October 14, 2016
[The Thai number for “9” is in the sky to represent Rama 9.]

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Time to take care of yourself


This is a widely shared drawing from a Facebook user who draws under the alias “The Portrait”]

Title: May I continue to serve beneath Your Majesty’s feet in all reincarnations. [A common saying that is being used often now to express devotion to the departed monarch.]
Left, boy: Is it a nightmare, dad.
Right, the King: I’m not here anymore so take care of yourself.

[The cartoon illustrates the King as the father of the country. He tells his son, representing the subjects of Thailand, to take care themselves and the country. It seems to imply that it is time for the people to begin to grow up as they can no longer reply on the King’s guidance.]

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All black


From Manager, October 13, 2016
[The Manager editorial cartoonist have published black boxes in place of their cartoons to express sorrow at the passing of King Rama 9.]


From Thairath, October 14, 2016
Title: The day when the heaven’s tears fall instead of rain

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Thai Newspapers: “The whole country is crying”


From Daily News, October 15, 2016
Top: ‘The King’ passed away – Flying flags at half-mast – Public officers wear mourning clothes for one year
King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck & World leaders offer their condolences [The Thai public has a special fascination with handsome King Jigme of Bhutan.]
Right: King Jigme of Bhutan and world leaders offer their condolences to the father of Thailand. His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduylayadej passed away peacefully at Siriraj Hospital at the age of 89. He was 70 years reigning and passed away on Thursday 13 October 2559 at 15.52. The government asks that public officers… continue reading page 3 [In Thailand, as in many countries, one’s age is counted from the year one’s birthday occurs in. Thus, although the King did not reach the date of his 89th birthday (on December 5), he is considered to be 89.]
Below (a poem): The world is crying for the passing of the King. The sky becomes dark in the whole Thailand as our sorrow. Similarly, the sun is gone from the world. We together bid farewell to our King in returning to heaven.
Si-Phrya Printing Company
Composed by Jurai Warasakyothin


From KhaoSod, October 15, 2016
Top: The whole country is crying. The King passed away on 13 October 2559 at 15.52 at the age of 89 – 70 years in his reign
In box on left: His biography on page 2-3. He is still there in people’s hearts page 8-9
Middle large headline: Appointing the heir of the monarch
Sub-headline: King Rama X is the monarch. The PM said it followed the royal law from 28 December 2515 [1972]. Special cabinet meeting has already submitted this to the NLA.
Right: PM said His Majesty King Bhumibol or King Rama IX has already appointed the heir in compliance with the royal law on 28 December 2515 [1972]. The National Legislative Assembly will… continue reading on page 10.
Black box in the middle: ‘Somkid’ orders to hunt those responsible for speculation. Confirms Thailand still has potential.
Sub-headline: ‘Big Poom’ blamed those who spread the rumor and vowed to legally charge them. Asks people to trust in the prime minister. He can solve all problem so do not worry. Continue reading page 10.
[This was in response to rumors, particularly by foreign “experts” on the monarchy, that the country would become unstable after the King’s passing or that there was some dispute over the succession. Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak together with Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan (or Big Poom) vowed to hunt those responsible for speculation that hurt the stock market.]
Black box at bottom: Set mourning for one year and stop entertainment for one month, Flying flags at a half staff for 30 days. The government encourages people to make merit, The government announced a mourning period of 1 year–governmental offices and educational institutions. Continue reading page 2.

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Weekly News Magazines, October 14-25, 2016 (The passing away of the King)


From Manager Weekly, Oct 15-21, 2016
Main cover reads: May I continue to serve beneath Your Majesty’s feet in all reincarnations.

[This is a well-known and often reproduced photo of the King.]


From Matichon Weekly, Oct 14, 2016
Main cover reads: Greatest sorrow


From Lokwannee, Oct 14, 2016
Main cover reads: Return to heaven

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October 14, 1973

October 14 is the anniversary of the 1973 democracy movement that overthrew the “Three Tyrants:” Thanom, Praphas, and Narong

First stirrings of a passive population: …The salary of the Prime Minister at that time was Bt120,000 and the population was 39 million. Local newspapers still referred to Thais of Chinese ancestry as Khon Chine, while Thailand was trying to resume diplomatic relations with Red China after US President Nixon decided to befriend the Maoist state…

The news from 30 years ago: …A Daily News columnist pen-named Nui Bangkokthian suggested that Thais might conclude after the regime had taken this action that: “Students are still young and it’s better that they not meddle in politics. They should let adults handle it while they concentrate on their studies so they will have secure jobs afterward. And that should be it…”

More links:
Daily News, October 14, 1974

The 14 October 1973 Memorial – Lest we forget

Time: A One-Day Revolution Topples a Dictator

October 1973 Videos on YouTube

The “Three Tyrants” finally tell their side of the story

Absolute power in 1973: …If you broke the law back in 1973, you risked having the prime minister on your case – personally judging and sentencing you, as four military conscription officers discovered to their cost…

2003: Crystal torch damage seen as bad omen

2003: Government to officially recognize democracy uprising of Oct 14

2010: At the October 14 Monument

2010: “There were dead on 14 October 1973” and “There were dead on 10 April 2010” The 1973 memorial is at Kokwua intersection where a gun and grenade battle broke out between Red Shirts and soldiers in 2010

Kris Srivara: …Narong personally shot into the crowds from a helicopter. Thanom and Praphas resigned from their political roles, but continued to lead the military. They ordered more troops to confront the remaining demonstrators, but were blocked by Krit…

An editorial cartoon from 2013: Thai people 40 years ago would not understand Thai people nowadays

Earlier this month: October 6, 1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
Earlier this month: October 6, 1976 Student Massacre Remembered in ‘Politics-free’ Commemoration

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Nation weeps over His Majesty’s departure


Above: HM the Queen, largely out of sight since suffering a stroke in 2012, glimpsed in the procession


Above: October 14, 15:55 – Soldiers waiting for the procession with HM the King’s body

October 14 – Thai TV to return to normal broadcasting tonight

Above: October 14 – Flipping through the TV channels in Thailand this morning: all stations showing footage of HM The King’s life and works

22:47 Thai TV channels ordered not to air entertainment programs for 30 days

UK flags will be flown at half mast on UK Government Buildings for Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand


22:00 In Bangkok there is a halo around the moon tonight.


AFP: Thai PM says crown prince seeks delay in proclaiming him king

21:40 Nine minutes of silence in parliament

UK Govt travel advice for Thailand: …behave respectfully when in public areas; if possible, wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public…

PM Prayut: HM appointed heir on December 28, 1972. Govt & parliament will proceed with the succession.

CNN: Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej: One of the world’s longest-reigning monarchs

NY Times: King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand Dies at 88; Reigned 70 Years

All entertainment functions must be “toned down” for 30 days

19:36 BBC on TV apparently blocked in Thailand. Reports were that discussion of the event included “political analysis.”

Bangkok Post website turns black and white

Washington Post: Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand dies at 88; world’s longest-reigning monarch

Govt agencies to lower flags for 30 days & civil servants wear black for one year

The Associated Press: Thai prime minister says Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will be the new monarch in accordance with the constitution.

Straits Times: Key milestones in the life of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej

19:10 PM Prayuth making an announcement on Thai TV now


19:00 KhaoSod King Bhumibol, Monarch and Father to Millions, 88

18:59 Bangkok Post HM the King passes away

18:49 The Nation Nation weeps over His Majesty’s departure

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Department of (not) lying


From Thairath, September 29, 2016
Title: Department of (not) lying
On the bullhorn: The Public Relations Department
On the parchment: Article 44
Phi Nooring: Broadcasting the green news. [“green news” meaning army news]
Mouse: A louder speaker

[Refers to the Public Relation Department (PRD) which critics call the “department of lies” because it acts as the government’s mouthpiece to spread news supporting the government. Article 44 allows the government absolute power to act as it wishes.]

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Govt warns citizens not to believe rumors on social media


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Weekly News Magazines, October 1-7, 2016


From Manager Weekly, October 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: Thank you 3 times [red] Not corrupt, but only ignored it.

[The woman is former PM Yingluck. The cover references Yingluck’s famous gaffe “thank you three times.”
As Yingluck was a non-politician plucked from obscurity to serve as prime minister, all her public statements were written including stage directions for her. Her responses in parliament were prewritten and often did not correspond to the questions or statements she was responding to.
One speech she was reading instructed her to say “Thank you” three times. However, she read the statement as written, telling the crowd “Thank you, three times.” This incident has since been used to ridicule her and show she was not really the prime minister, but a puppet for Thaksin.
The cover refers to Yingluck facing the corruption charges for the rice pledging scheme. It implies that she insists she is innocent of being corrupt, but surely decided to ignore the corruption of the rest of her family and her political party.]

Top: 10,800 million [white] End of the 130-year legend of Nai Lert Park hotel

[The woman is the managing director of Nai Lert Park Hotel, Naphaporn Bodiratmangkura. This refers to closure of the well-known five-star Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel owned by the Sambatsiri family due to the highly competitive business environment.]

Below left: “Ja-E-Jeab can’t avoid. [red] It’s time to get in trouble” [red] famous webpage idols.

[The cartoons are the profile pictures of Facebook page of Ja and E-jeab. This is an anonymous satire webpage. Its mascots have been licensed for many products as its popularity has grown. The Tax department is now investigating whether the creators of Ja and E-jeab should pay tax.]

Right: Closely watch new life of ‘Big Tik’ [red] When the bad things have passed, wait and see the possibility of becoming a board member.

[The man is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha who has just retired. Recently, he and his family have been in a media spotlight due to inappropriate behavior and corruption. The article title suggests that Gen. Preecha will probably retreat from these scandals, and like many senior government officers, become a board member private companies.]


From Nation Weekend, September 30, 2016
Main cover reads: The weakest link

[The man in the cove is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha Chan-ocha. Gen. Preecha and his family have been in the spotlight due to their inappropriate actions that have embarrassed the junta.
For example, his wife, Pongphan was criticized for her walking on a red carpet like a royal person at the opening ceremony of a weir construction that was inexplicably named in her honor. After these incidents, the public urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate her husband, Gen. Preecha.
The title suggests that Gen. Preecha and his family’s penchant for negative publicity is a weak link in the junta.]


1. October wind from the communist warriors to dance in the forest

[Refers to the article about October 6, 1976 massacre. Many students and political activists, who were labeled as communists at the time, fled Thailand’s cities and urban areas and went to the forest to join the Communist Party to avoid elimination by government mobs.]

2. An outbreak [yellow] three-word song [white] can become a hit

[Refers to the song ‘PPAP’ or ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ by PIKOTARO. There are only few words in the song, but it get stuck to people’s head and became a hit as many people shared it on social media.]

3. “Pu” [white] gets in trouble. Pay huge compensation for a number of cases.

[Refers to former PM Yingluck whose nickname is “Pu.” She is facing a several charges and demands for her to pay huge compensation for the rice-pledging scheme.]

4. Red is sad due to the death of [yellow] ‘Uncle Yim’ – ‘Gotee’ [white] is still showing off.

[Refers to the death of the hardcore-Red Shirt ‘Uncle Yim’ whom died from cancer. However, his friend ‘Gotee’ is still continuing his political movement by actively attacking the royal family. Thais traditionally consider those who dare to break polite social conventions (such as attacking hierarchies like the royalty) as people who are pretentious show offs.]


From Matichon Weekly, September 30-October 6, 2016
Main cover reads: The ‘flashlight’ of justice

[At right is former PM Yingluck and at left is PM Prayuth’s younger brother Gen. Preecha. This shows how the junta targets its political enemy Yingluck for corruption, while ignoring junta members like PM Prayuth’s younger Gen. Preecha.]

Top: Electric car is coming. See the latest models
Inside the picture: Latest models.

[Refers to the article regarding new electric cars.]


From Lokwannee, October 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: A politician who comes from the election: [bold] corrupt. [normal size] A politician who comes from the coup: [bold] not corrupt.
Monkey: Lie 4.0

[Like the Matichon Weekly cover above, this shows how the junta is pursuing elected politicians for being corrupt while ignoring members of their own junta. It also references junta policy that seems to assert that politicians who come from elections are most likely to be corrupt. This is part of the justification for the junta taking over the country to reform it.
“Lie 4.0” jokingly references the government’s “Thailand 4.0” policy to stimulate the economy and reduce corruption.]

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Will the junta discipline its own???


From Manager, September 29, 2016
Sign behind PM Prayuth: Anti-Corruption Festival
Man: Ah… Those people are looking at Gen. Preecha. People are interested… they want to see whether you will dare to kill your brother.
Caption: A lot of people are waiting to see.

[After seizing power, PM Prayuth committed to fight against corruption. Many politicians and civil officers connected to the previous government have been charged or transferred due to corruption allegations.
Therefore, when PM Prayuth’s own brother came under fire for corruption, people are waiting to see if he will be treated the same as the junta’s enemies who have been fined or jailed for corruption.
The cartoon shows the traditional Thai execution style–beheading with the accused in a seated posture.]

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Beware Civil war


From Naewna, October 4, 2016
Watthana Mueangsuk (nicknamed Sia Kai): If NCPO still lets the judicial administration [meaning the courts] get to us beware of civil war..!!
On the bomb: Civil war
On the tank: NCPO [the junta]
Caption: The flood is high and it as high as our head. You guys never stop chasing.

[Former Phea Thai Party MP Watthana Mueangsuk recently threatened the junta with civil war if the courts were allowed to rule against Pheu Thai Party or Red Shirt leaders in court cases.
These threats are similar to the threats the party made right before the coup when it was claimed Pheu Thai members had been armed with four million guns to fight off a coup.
Some interpreted this recent statement as a public message that the Red Shirts were willing to fight if negotiations between the military and Thaksin (rumored to be going on secretly) fail.
The cartoonist jokes that public preoccupation with widespread flooding (and the feelings of blame, nationalism, concern for the displaced it creates) renders threats of civil war useless at this time.
In this context, “you guys never stop chasing” means something like “you die-hard Thaksin supporters never top politicking on his behalf.”]

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Will the military hold itself responsible for the flooding?


From Thairath, September 28, 2016
Yingluck: Where is the NACC? Please answer my question… Flood in 2011, you sued Pu [referring to herself as Yingluck’s nickname is “Pu”]. In 2016, now it’s flooding. Whom will you sue?
Waters around Yingluck: Flood 2011
On the military man’s shirt: Return happiness [this is the junta’s slogan “Return happiness to the people”]
Flood around the military: Flood 2016
Phi Nooring: Sue God.
Mouse: It’s natural incident. [these last two statements are sarcasm to indicate that the military would never hold itself responsible for the floods as they did with the previous government]

[The cartoon questions the junta on the treatment toward former PM Yingluck regarding the flooding of 2011. This year in 2016, the junta also faces extensive flooding. The cartoonist is inquiring whether the junta will be investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) like Yingluck’s government was after the flooding of 2011. Since the junta has absolute power of politics, it seems unlikely an independent investigation could be mounted against it.
The cartoon uses Buddhist-era years which are 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar.]

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Yingluck did nothing


From Manager, September 25, 2016
Top left: The NCPO [the junta] is not fair. I was sitting and doing nothing but why I have been charged in 15 cases and ordered to make 3.5 billion compensation?
Top right: Sister Dang can be my witness. I was only sitting, wasn’t I?
Below: Dang: Yes, you only sat still.
Yingluck: See!

[Refers to former PM Yingluck who is now facing corruption charges due to the vast losses from the rice-pledging scheme.
The cartoonist contends that the real person who benefited from the scheme was Thaksin’s family, particularly his sister Yaowapa whose nickname is Dang. She is often portrayed as eating a vast mountain of rice to symbolize how another Shinawatra-related family business benefited from government policy.
Critics of Yingluck acknowledge that, as a non-political figure often not allowed to attended government cabinet meetings or contentious debates, she had little to do with government policy. However, they contend that since she held the title of prime minister she is ultimately responsible for government policy.]

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The animals that tabled Thaksin’s amnesty bill


From Thairath, September 23, 2016
Left: The NACC will punish 40 former Pheu Thai Party MPs who tabled the controversial amnesty bill…
Middle, groups of animals: How can Mr. Watchara say “don’t be afraid if you’re the ‘real gold.'”
Two men: Then, why don’t you have to be afraid of?
Right: Only Pantongtae survives while others will be doing wrong!!
(Sent by Nik Pongpoo) [name of the person who suggested the cartoon idea to the cartoonist]

[Refers to Thai idiom “real gold” or “tongtae” in Thai meaning pure or innocent. The cartoon compares the sound of the word “tongtae” to the sound of the name of Thaksin’s son–“Pantongtae.”
The cartoon refers to the investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of 40 former members of parliament from Pheu Thai Party for abuse of authority when they supported the 2013 amnesty bill and put the bill forward for deliberation.
The cartoon illustrates the widely held belief that Thaksin’s son was behind the organization and control of Phea Thai MPs to work in unison for Thaksin’s amnesty and other contentious issues designed to benefit his family. However, he seems to have escaped being part of the investigation this time.
This is likely intentional, as it is an attempt to separate Thailand’s ruling class from the patronage of the Shinawatra family and show that those who act on Thaksin’s behalf, will be ruined. If Pantongtae were part of the investigation, it would create a common cause between the MPs and the Shinawatra family. As it is, the MPs are being made to think twice before staking their political lives on Thaksin’s behalf while they are entangled in legal cases and the Shinawatra’s are free.

Another recent “tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros” cartoon]
About the “tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros” reference]

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Heil! Stop the politicians!


From Thairath, September 21, 2016
Title: Must memorize it
On the banner: We are a group of good people who have the responsibility to control and fight against politicians
On the table: Committee on establishing the moral standards of politicians
On the chairs on the left from front to back: Independent agency, the NACC, Judge
On the chairs on the right side: Independent agency
Phi Nooring: These guys have a standard
A mouse: Already have quality assurance [These are sarcastic statements.]

[This cartoon questions the credibility of having a committee on the moral standards of politicians. Those who support Thaksin contend that the committee is composed of groups appointed by the junta to destroy Pheu Thai politicians.
Beyond this, the idea of independent or appointed people who have power over elected politicians has long been an anathema to Thaksin’s political parties. His supporters have been taught that such oversight is undemocratic and unfair.]

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1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
1976 ฝันร้ายของการลงประชาทัณฑ์ และ เผาทั้งเป็น

THAILAND: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning – Time, Oct. 18, 1976 Continue reading

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10 years after the first anti-Thaksin coup, it is still the same


From Thairath, September 21, 2016
On legs from left to right: Injustice, (not) independent agencies, NLA+NRSA [National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Steering Assembly–the appointed junta bodies]
Men from left to right: UDD [United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, the Red Shirts], Red Shirts, PTP [the Pheu Thai Party], former MPs
On the paper: Dissolution of the party, charging, removing
Phi Nooring: [They] Only destroy one side
Mouse: Sadism system
Caption: From the coup in 19 Sep 49 [2006]. 10 years passed and it is still the same.

[The cartoon implies that the political situation in Thailand is still the same since the original anti-Thaksin coup on September 19, 2006 because Thaksin-connected people and organizations are still under fire from the military.]

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The mystery of the Thai lynching photo that won a Pulitzer Prize

AP WAS THERE: 40 years ago, young Thai protesters massacred – AP, October 4, 2016
Associated Press Photographer Neal Ulevich won the Pulitzer Prize for his photos of the suppression of a left-wing student protest at Bangkok’s Thammasat University on Oct. 6, 1976, and the brutal lynchings in its wake. Ulevich, then 30, arrived as a night of tension at the campus broke into a full-scale assault by paramilitary police on thousands of trapped and defenseless students…

1976 lynching photo both dark mark and blind spot for Thais – AP, October 4, 2016
…No one in that Pulitzer Prize-winning photo — the victim, the attacker or any of the dozens of spectators — has been identified in the 40 years since Associated Press photographer Neal Ulevich shot it.
That fact intrigued Tucker, who has teamed up with Thai researchers who are attempting to put names to the long-ago faces. They hope to harness the power of social media to elicit more information, and this week their website, , went live…

6 October Photo website

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Off with their heads


From Manager, September 20, 2016
Yingluck: They will execute me… Why do you keep silent? You don’t fight for me… it was worthless to help you guys.

[The cartoon implies that many Pheu Thai members are facing charges due to the various cases stemming from their terms in Yingluck’s government. Now that these figures have been rendered powerless, the junta is able to tackle formerly untouchable figures in the Shinawartra family itself.
While Yingluck helped top Pheu Thai Party figures advance their fortunes and status during her time as PM, now, most seem to distance themselves from her, rendering them worthless allies.
All of this is a warning to others about what will happen if they act on Thaksin’s behalf.]

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